Laughing at the Alter: Funny Marriage Vows

Funny marriage vows

Funny marriage vows have a special way of lightening up the mood at an already joyous event. Although joyous, weddings can be somewhat nerve racking because it is such a huge milestone in life. The nerves combined with the flourish of heartfelt emotion could certainly use a few laughs. The way to insert comedy into your wedding is with funny marriage vows. Marriage vows can be humorous and touching at the same time. All you really need are a few funny marriage vows ideas to get the creative juices flowing and ultimately, keep you, your soon to be spouse, family and friends laughing.

Funny marriage vows ideas to consider


“Although you bug me on a daily basis and test my nerves often, I cannot imagine spending the rest of my life with anyone else… “

This funny marriage vows example is a great way to start and serves as a comedic transition to the more touching vows. Following this portion, go on to do a little reminiscing about how your life changed when the two of you met, go on to say that your bride/groom is your true counterpart and then vow to honor, love, respect and cherish him/her or pledge your love, honor and devotion. A little humor makes writing vows way easier.


“When I first met you, I wasn’t impressed…”

This is a great way to lead into the loving vows you wrote. Following this line (and the laughs), touch on how you fell for him/her and share a portion of your love story. Then move on to the more traditional vows like promising your love, respect and devotion.


“I will take you as you are. After spending time with you I’ve learned I have no other choice. I vow to listen to you most of the time and support you always. I will always love you, share your happiness, your triumphs, your sorrows and do my best to make you laugh until you cry. “

Adding subtle notes of humor is a smart way to approach funny vows. It creates the perfect balance of romance and lightheartedness.

Things to consider

The funny marriage vows ideas provided will definitely liven up your wedding ceremony. Prior to going in a humorous direction, there are a few things to consider. As we all know, humor must be appropriate so the first thing you want to do is consider the ceremony location and check with your officiant. Certain religions do not approve of non-traditional vows. Secondly, consider all of your guests. To avoid making anyone feel uncomfortable, always keep the jokes clean. Lastly, you may have an entire stand-up routine planned but be sure to edit it down. Humor is best kept short and to the point, especially when it comes to wedding vows.