Know What Changes When You Get Married Before You Say “I Do”

Know What Changes When You Get Married Before You Say “I Do”

You have to admit if you are reading this you are either thinking about marriage or you are already engaged and is preparing for your married life. After all these years, you’re now thinking about celebrating love and are now ready to create your own family.

Marriage isn’t just for formality; in fact, when you get married you’ll see drastic changes!  If you are getting thoughts about how your married life would be then you should read through.

In fact, this is why there’s pre-marriage counseling so that you are aware of what changes when you get married even before you say “I do”.

Why should there be changes?

Couples may think that once they tie the knot, that’s it. Seldom do they understand that they will experience so many changes that if they are not emotionally, physically and psychologically ready, then this might cause misunderstandings, arguments and can even feel that they married the wrong person.

Now, most of the couples would ask, “Why should there be a change in the way we live our lives as a couple just because we got married?”

This is actually a good point to start.

Change is a constant part of our lives; you have to remember that with marriage, there are lots of changes to look forward to.

These changes are needed because you are now married and there are things that you just can’t do. Also, now that you are as one, you can’t just decide on your own. To better understand, let’s see what changes when you get married.

What changes when you get married

Before you say “I do”, here are some things that will change once you get married.  

1. Surname

If you have decided to change your surname and take your partner’s then you ought to prepare to change some of your legal documents too. So that all your valid ids like your passport are updated. If you’re the soon-to-be-bride then you have to get used to being called Mrs. from now on. 

2. Properties

We all know that once you get married, all your finances and assets will now be considered as conjugal properties. What you will invest is no longer your personal belongings but rather for both of you. This is great if you want to fulfill your dreams together because two heads are better than one. 

3. Intimacy and sex life

Intimacy and sex life

Contrary to some ideas, sex doesn’t diminish when you get married, in fact being married is one way to increase one’s confidence in the bedroom and will allow you or your partner to finally let go and give in.

You’re married and you are living together now, who can stop you from enjoying each other? 

4. Commitment

When you get married you’ll start seeing commitment on a whole new level.

It’s no longer just about being faithful to one another; rather it’s also about being committed to your responsibilities, your priorities and to your children as well. 

5. Priorities

You need to be ready to accept big changes in your priorities once you get married. You do things, you work and you want to be better not just for yourself now but for your spouse and your future children.

If you used to go on night outs and assigned maximum priority to your own wants and needs, now you have to think many times before you buy things for yourself since you are also thinking of being able to provide for your family. 

6. The real you

Once you get married, you and your spouse should both be ready to face the ugly side of your partner. Does he snore? Does she fart loudly?

Your spouse should also be ready to accept you not just for who you are but also with all the weird things that you do.

This is the real face of marriage where you can both be comfortable with each other. 

7. Time for other people

Time for other people

This may be one of the hardest changes in one’s married life. Before marriage you could spend the whole night with your friends, but now you need to ask for your spouse’s approval first.

Also, your spouse has every right to ask for your time too right? What if your spouse disapproves of your friends? 

8. In-laws

Did you know that one of the most common reasons why married couples fight is because of their in-laws? The arrangement where your parents can have a say on everything you do now changes because it’s your spouse who is now your partner.

Some parents feel that they are being neglected or being pushed around now that there’s a new queen or king in the house.

That’s one of the reasons why stress builds up and arguments start between in-laws. 

9. Your pride

Your pride isn’t about your accomplishments anymore; it’s about your spouse’s achievements too. Their success is also your success and together, you bring out the best in each other. 

10. Selflessness

Once you’re married, you start to understand how sacrifice works. How you would value your partner’s feelings before you make any decisions.

You no longer just think of yourself but your spouse as well. 

11. Mutual decisions

Going on a trip? Who chooses the destination? Eating out? Who will choose the restaurant? You can no longer just go with what you want; you would, of course, ask your spouse’s opinion.

From the simplest decisions to the hardest ones like where you would relocate or where you would establish a business, a mutual decision should always be respected.

How to cope

If these are becoming too overbearing for you, what would you do? It’s understandable that some of these are easy and some aren’t. What you can do is to talk to your spouse and from there, compromise and meet halfway. Together, work on making everything better.

What changes when you get married won’t just revolve around surnames and household chores. It’s about everything you are and everything that will involve your future. Sounds hard and challenging? It is and that’s why before you say your vows, making sure that you are ready for these changes is a must.