9 Signs That Identify You Are in a One-Sided Relationship

9 Signs That Identify You Are in a One-Sided Relationship

It is normal for anyone to give their 100% in a relationship, to shower their significant other with all their love, attention and support.

However, it hurts when your partner does not reciprocate the same to you. Such relationships are called one-sided relationships where one of the partners is carried away in love while the other is least bothered where the relationship is heading to.

One-sided relationships tend to be the most exhausting for the partner who is the most invested in the relationship. They feel it is unfair that they are the ones pouring in all the time and effort while their partner couldn’t care any less about them or their relationship.

If you feel this way, listed down below are 9 major signs that can help you identify if you are in a one-sided relationship

1. You feel like you are not a priority but rather an obligation to your partner

Your loved ones should always be your priority.

Normally, one is ready to spend time with the person they love, do what they like and make efforts to make them happy. If you find yourself not being treated this way, it is likely that you are not your partner’s priority.

Instead, they prefer spending time with people other than you and if they even take out some time for you, it is maybe just because you’ve forced your way in.

2. You are the one making most of the effort in the relationship

From sparking conversations to planning out dates, sending sweet texts to going out of the way to make your lover feel special; it is all you that is doing all of it with your partner making little to no effort to make you feel the same way.

3. They can always count on you but they are never there for you

Through thick and thin, you always make sure that you are there for your partner to provide them with the love, care and support that they might need. But if it is you who is in  need of it, you can never rely on your partner to help you out.

4. They do not care about the relationship issues

Mentioning the obvious issues of the relationship are often left unheard by your partner even when you bring them up.

They choose to stay numb to all of it or maybe even yell at you for ‘annoying’ them. They blame for you for all of these problems and themselves remain unbothered about all of your concerns.

5. They are involved in your life but you are stonewalled out

You make sure that your partner knows all about you, your friends, family, and even the tiniest details of your day but they have kept you out of their lives. They have their own secret life that you know nothing about nor do they wish to share it with you.

You feel like any other person in their life rather than that special someone.

6. You are apologizing for almost everything

You are apologizing for almost everything

Finding yourself apologizing every now and then, even for the silliest of things is a big sign of being in a one-sided relationship.

Your partner tends to find flaws in everything you do, make you feel guilty and bad about yourself. Any partner who belittles you is not worth investing the time and energy.

7. You justify your partner’s behavior to your friends and family

Your peers are always questioning their behavior with you feeling the need to justify it.

You make excuses and convince your friends and family that he/she truly cares for you when deep down, you are aware that they do not. True love shows and does not require you to explain it to anyone.

8. They never return the favors

Your partner never hesitates to ask you for favors, ask you for your time and attention but when you do the same, they are simply ‘too busy’ and do not have the time.

Nobody is never too busy, it is all about making time for the ones you love. If they do not do so, it is clear they do not love you either.

9. You are always stressed out over your relationship

You are always worried about your relationship

You are always worried about your relationship, will it last or end up in shambles?

You are questioning your decisions and asking yourself if your partner really does love you or not. You should never feel unloved when in a relationship nor should you settle for any less.

One-sided relationships rarely have a future and even if they do, it is usually one of the partners putting in all the effort emotionally, physically, financially, etc.

Although it may be hard to walk away from someone you love so much but if they do not love you back, there is no point staying in such a relationship. Once free, you are bound to find someone who loves you for you and feel lucky to have you.

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