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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 4130 | Updated: Aug 21, 2023
 How Much Do You Love Your Partner Quiz?

Every relationship goes through a series of cycles, where individuals fall in love and look forward to settling with each other to stabilize the relationship. Then, you’ll have to overcome the compromising part of the relationship where you will each have to sacrifice one thing or the other for the relationship to work, to end up with a period of crisis where your love is out to the test. So, how much do you love your partner despite all the trouble you may face with your partner? Take our quiz and find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you typically express your love to your partner?

A. Through physical affection, hugs, and kisses

B. Through gift-giving and lavish surprises

C. Through open communication, understanding, and being a good listener

D. Through intimate moments and sexual encounters

2. What is the primary reason you are attracted to your partner?

A. I love my partner because of their kind and caring nature

B. I love my partner because of their financial stability

C. I love my partner because of the strong emotional bond and connection

D. I love my partner because of their physical appearance and sexual appeal

3. What do you value most in your relationship with your partner?

A. Emotional intimacy and a deep emotional connection

B. Financial stability and a comfortable lifestyle

C. Trust, support, and loyalty

D. A satisfying and fulfilling sexual life

4. How do you handle disagreements or conflicts with your partner?

A. I express my feelings and try to resolve the issues with love and understanding

B. I make up through physical intimacy and sexual reconciliation

C. I approach it with patience and try to understand their perspective

D. I use my financial influence or gifts to pacify them

5. How do you spend quality time with your partner?

A. Engaging in deep conversations, sharing dreams, and building a future together

B. Hanging out, doing fun activities, and enjoying each other's company

C. Going on expensive trips and enjoying luxurious experiences

D. Focusing on intimate moments and physical closeness

6. How do you feel when your partner spends time with their friends or colleagues?

A. Supportive and understanding, just like any good person would be

B. Anxious and concerned about the financial implications of their social activities

C. Jealous or insecure, especially if they spend time with attractive individuals

D. Happy and supportive, I respect their need for social connections

7. How do you see your partner's flaws or imperfections?

A. Some flaws might affect my attraction to them

B. I acknowledge their flaws

C. I can overlook some flaws

D. I see them as an integral part of who they are and love them unconditionally

8. How do you handle surprises or unexpected events in your relationship?

A. By being there for my partner and offering help

B. By seeking physical comfort and intimacy during tough times

C. With love, support, and a willingness to face challenges together

D. By using financial resources to address any issues that arise

9. How important are physical touch and affection in your relationship?

A. It is crucial, as physical intimacy deepens my emotional connection

B. It is essential to show my partner the extent of their financial support

C. It matters, but I also value emotional closeness and understanding

D. Physical intimacy is a significant expression of my love

10. How do you view the idea of growing old with your partner?

A. I eagerly look forward to spending a lifetime of love and memories together

B. I consider the financial stability and comfort that growing old together would bring

C. I see it as having a loyal and caring companion by my side

D. I’m concerned about the impact of aging on the sexual relationship

11. How do you celebrate special occasions with your partner?

A. With heartfelt gestures and expressions of love

B. By spending lavishly on expensive gifts or experiences

C. By making the day special and memorable, just like I would for a dear one

D. By adding a touch of romance and intimacy to the celebrations

12. What do you do when your partner faces challenges or setbacks?

A. I stand by them, offering my unwavering support and love

B. I try to use my financial influence to mitigate the impact of the challenges

C. I lend a listening ear and provide emotional support

D. I turn to physical intimacy to comfort and console them

13. How do you envision your future together with your partner?

A. A future filled with love, passion, and a strong emotional connection

B. A future of financial security and material comfort

C. A future of lasting friendship, trust, and shared experiences

D. A future where we continue to explore and enjoy each other's physical desires

14. How do you feel when your partner achieves something significant in their life?

A. Overjoyed and proud, their success brings me immense happiness

B. Excited about the financial benefits and rewards that come with their success

C. Happy for them, I offer my support and encouragement

D. Their success increases my attraction towards them.

15. How many times a day do you think about your partner?

A. All the time

B. Not that much

C. I'm not sure I'm that obsessed about them

D. Not a single moment

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