How to Have a Happy Marriage? 24 Ways!

Tips on how to have a happy marriage in the long run

Whether you’re a newly married couple of have been together for years now, every marriage has its fair share of ups and downs. All marriages take a road on the rough patches and walk through the patterns of mundanity; periods of poor communication, boredom and stress is just a part of marriage that you will eventually have to overcome.

Don’t spend time scratching your head and figuring out on how to overcome these hard and stress periods because mentioned below are tips on how to have a happy marriage in the long run.

1. Make sure to take responsibility

If your goal in a relationship satisfies your relationship along with longevity, then you must make sure that you hold responsibility for your part in the relationship whether it’s good or bad.

2. Learn to agree to disagree

Two people cannot agree on everything together, and that’s completely okay however it’s more important to make peace with each other’s differences instead of trying to agree with your point of view.

3. Learn to be independent

Depending on each other is okay; however, too much dependency can harm a relationship. It is better to make your presence realized by the other person instead of making your presence feel like a burden.

4. Be a good listener

Both the spouses need to realize that all their partner needs from them is a listening ear. Open your heart, hear them when they speak and make sure to reassure them that you understand. Doing this is the key to a happy marriage.

Both the spouses need to realize that all their partner needs from them is a listening ear

5. Communicate

You must know your partner’s language of love. Not everyone can express themselves which is why it’s important to know how your partner shows love; maybe he is showing love when he washes the dishes or when he cleans your closet. Understanding the language of love can lead to a happy marriage as well.

6. Acceptance

Lack of acceptance is mostly attributed to women due to their constant nagging; however, men can nag too. Whether it be women or men, keep in mind that you married your spouse for who they are and you can’t change them. So stop trying and focus on their positive attributes instead.

7.  Never take your partner for granted

Try not to slip into a complacent state and form expectations. In marriage, you should never reach a place where you start to take the other person for granted. Avoid assumptions and do nice things for your partner whenever possible.

Try not to slip into a complacent state and form expectations

8. Add romance

Try to be romantic as this can bring back the spark; make a romantic gesture, bring back chivalry by buying her flowers or opening her car doors. Women, on the other hand, can cook their husband favorite meal to win his day.

9. Date night

Many couples ignore and overlook this advice especially those who have been married for a long time. This advice is very important if you want a long and happy marriage as a date night will not only strengthen your bond and will also make you free from all distractions.

10. Keep intimacy alive

Sex is a very important step in having a happy marriage. Make sure to keep it exciting.

Sex is a very important step in having a happy marriage

11. Compliments

Make sure to recognize your partner’s positive attributes by paying them attention and giving them compliments.

12. Greet your partner lovingly in the morning

When you see your spouse in the morning make sure to greet them lovingly instead of having a negative interaction, try saying “I’m so glad to wake up beside you” instead of “You should go brush.”

13. Hug and kiss each other

Whether you’re seeing your partner after a day or even an hour, always reunite with a hug or a kiss.

Hug and kiss each other

14. Decide on how you are going to compromise as a couple

When things get tough, both spouses should learn on how to compromise. If something is relevant to your husband, do it his way, and he should do the same for you. Try always to find a middle ground.

15. Live in the present

Try not to bring any old conflicts or things that went wrong in the past as this will only create more resentment

16. Follow the 5-To-1 rule

For every one criticism of your partner try to give five compliments to make sure that you find more positivity than negativity.

17. Don’t interrupt

Try the four-minute rule; let one person speak for 4 minutes before you interrupt so that they know you care. When you listen, listen respectfully.

When you listen, listen respectfully, don't interrupt

18. Lend a hand in household chores

Don’t act like a typical male; instead, make sure that you can help around the house as much as you can because believe it or not your wife can get tired too.

19. Be an optimist

This is simple; if you think positively about your marriage, your marriage will be positive.

20. Don’t jump to the conclusion

If you fight, make sure to listen to the other person point of view instead of starting off with blames and criticism.

21. Live in your own happy world

Every couple should have things that only they enjoy such as reading a book together or have a harry potter marathon. During these times try to forget all the problems around you and enjoy the company of your partner.

Every couple should have things that only they enjoy

22. Do not control

Married people might reach a place where they give in to jealousy and start to try and control their partners. This can be a bad step for your relationship so take help from a therapist right away.

23. Don’t use the D-word

Makings threats and bullying to have a divorce is not a mature strategy for solving problems so avoid this.

24. Forget the fantasy

You need to recognize that marriage is a beautiful thing but it is not perfect nor will it ever be, so have realistic expectations.

Wrapping up

To continue to coexist happily in a marriage, and to be able to overcome challenges together, you need to work in unison and not against each other. There are no happy marriages, you and spouse make your marriage a happy one by persistently working at ironing out differences and pumping in more smiles, shared joys and fun together.

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