Happy Wife, Happy Life – Relationship Advice for Married Men

happy wife happy life

A marriage is a union of two and it requires team work to start and maintain a healthy relationship. However, each person has a role to play on this team of love. You have heard the phrase “happy wife, happy life” and it happens to be the one of the few things that both men and women can agree on at all times in a relationship – once the woman is happy, then everybody is happy. Perhaps some relationship advice for married men, geared at keeping their wives wives happy can help them.

Here’s some good marriage advice for men. Read these tips for a happy married life:

Bring back the romantic you

Remember those early dating days or the early honeymoon period of your marriage? During those times when emotions were high, there were certain things you would do to charm and win over your partner. Try to bring back that romance – flowers just to say I love you, romantic dinner for two or chocolate delivered to her place of work. Your acts of romantic gestures are sure to put a smile on her face and give her the assurance that you still desire her as your wife.

Listen, listen and listen some more

Generally women want to be heard. They do not want their expressions of feeling to be viewed as nagging or ignored. Listening however, is not sitting and saying nothing, it includes active involvement in the form of acknowledging what is being said and reassuring her that you understand what she is saying. Listening to your partner is an important aspect of effective communication in a marriage.

Often couples will get caught up in a battle of words with each person trying to talk over the other, with the objective of ‘winning” the argument. When you listen as a husband you get the opportunity to hear and understand the viewpoint of your wife – you don’t have to agree with it, but you will be able to understand it. A wife who feels comfortable talking to her husband, knowing that she will be able to get an opportunity to express herself without being interrupted is a very happy wife.

It is the little things that count

Small gestures daily can overtime be the foundation for a sustainable marriage. A call or text during the day to check up, preparing dinner, giving her a night off from the kids to relax or start on those DIY husband chores, can go a far way in making your life happy. The objective is to reduce or even eliminate the complaint. If done from the right place, the little things that you do will significantly affect your chances of getting a more positive response from your wife on the things that you want in the marriage.

Let her chase her dreams; be supportive

To make your wife truly happy, you have to let her be herself and let her do what she wants to. That doesn’t just mean giving her space and freedom but being genuinely supportive. Stay connected with her, learn about her dreams, inspire her and give her all the support she needs. This will not only keep her happy but make your marriage healthier and stronger all together. When you give support,  you get support. This is the most crucial and valuable advice for a happy life that you will ever receive.

These marriage tips for men will help you keep your wives happy and make your relationship strongerLove is the bond that brought you together with your wife, but some extra effort and work is what is going to ensure that you stay married for a very long while.