Evergreen Relationship Advice for Men

Relationship Advice for Men

Every body’s more than happy to offer relationship advice; when it’s needed and even when it’s not. But there are some tips that have worked for many generations and it’s worth repeating them every now and then, to make sure they don’t get drowned out by all the new stuff. In this age of speed and fragmentation, it’s so easy to forget that some things never change.


Take care of your physical appearance

Lack of sexual interest is one of the biggest reasons why relationships fail. Obviously, this is something that happens over time – you won’t be together without any interest to begin with, so try to bring back that magic into your life.


Be honest – but not brutal. You’re not getting any younger, and neither is she. You can expect some physical changes, and they’re not pleasant – but they can be compensated with the intimacy gained over the years, and they can be kept under control if both of you pay proper attention to your bodies. It has to go both ways, however.


Women pay really close attention to hands – for reasons which science has yet to clarify. Trim your nails, keep them clean – and here’s a secret: a bit of moisturizer is not emasculating, you can go ahead and use it without side effects.


Hands, by the way, are a good detail for a bigger general truth – focus on what you can control, it’s not like you’ve stumbled upon the fountain of eternal youth.


Be nice around friends & family

While the relationship should be all about the two of you, the reality is that you have to survive surrounded by a lot of people who have a direct impact on your life.


Don’t bad-mouth your ex, ever. This always creates a bad impression and speaks volumes about your personality. However, if you happen to run into your ex, be prepared to make the introductions, and smile happily next to your lady – anything else than being 110% happy will be frowned upon.


Her friends and relatives are not your enemies, either. But they can become your enemies, if you keep shunning them. So, be nice around them and try to get to know them better. You’re not supposed to love your mother-in-law, but you don’t have to think of her as an ogre, either.


Spend time together

Let’s be honest about this: the most effective relationship advice for men is the one you already know: spend more time together. Find more activities you both enjoy doing – and yes, this means you’ll have to give up on some of the things only you like. And work together on the chores you don’t normally enjoy, and on the little, boring stuff that happens everyday – just being together is what builds a relationship.


There is no secret formula for being happy in a relationship. You need to make every genuine attempt to love and stay happy together.