8 Surprises in Sex That Will Make Your Partners Jaw Drop

8 Surprises in Sex That Will Make Your Partners Jaw Drop

You might enjoy the look of shock, followed by delight on your partner or spouses face as you initiate a fun surprise in sex.  You might like the sensation of being in control and steering your sex life into the direction you want to guide your sex life in. Or you may not have explored surprises in sex and have yet to find out how surprisingly satisfying a sprinkling of surprises in sex can be to your sex life.  

Whatever side of the fence you are on your spouse or partner is going to love these the surprises in sex listed below — surprises in sex that you can quickly initiate right away too.  

Get ready for some fun and sexy action.

1. Plan for a surprise day in bed

A surprise day in bed with your partner or spouse is not only relaxing and de-stressing, but it’s also sexy because it screams sex, intimacy, and relaxation.  It’s a subtle way to surprise your spouse and let them know that sex is on the cards today.

Here are a few things to consider if you are planning for a day in bed:

Make sure your partner or spouse clears their day first by booking them up, you don’t want to be disappointed when they have to leave halfway through for a hair appointment or a drink with their Dad!

Supply food, toys, and music, necessities (ahem)  and entertainment along with anything else you might need. This way you can camp out in bed, have everything you need and never have to leave.  Yum.

Don’t forget to shower though, ok, so this might be obvious, but just in case you overlook this crucial factor we decided to include it – you’re welcome!

2. Randomly assign sexual homework

Sexual homework is one of those surprises in sex that you’ll need to follow up on – like a good teacher.

Heck, you can even dress up as a sexy teacher as part of the sexy surprise too if you want to make the most of the situation.

Assigning sexual homework, lets your partner or spouse know that you have sex on the mind and in particular sex with them (of course).  They will also get the sense that they are in some fun when they return home – especially if they complete their homework, like a good student.

What homework should you assign?  Here are some ideas to get you started;

  • Text them and ask to list five places they’d like to make love.
  • Get them to list ten places they’d like to be kissed.
  • Assign some English homework and get them to describe in great detail one fantasy.
  • What about some history and have them write an essay about their most memorable sexual experience with you.
  • Enhance their creativity by requesting some dirty fiction which features you and your spouse as the key characters.  

You can always follow up this surprise in sex with an additional sexy surprise and putting their homework into action.  

3. Get dressed up for no reason

Pick him up from work in nothing but a trench coat.  The trench coat might be a cliche surprise in sex, but it’s one that he’ll appreciate, for sure.  Failing that, dress up in your hottest outfit and serve dinner all dressed up for no apparent reason – just make sure the coast is clear for you to enjoy the inevitable sexual interaction afterward.

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If you are a man looking to dole out a surprise in sex on your woman, why not get dressed up in uniform and start some role play.

4. Switch up the sexual antics

Switch up the sexual antics

Randomly, without warning, bring out the bondage gear!

Of course, you can negotiate the levels of participation before you get stuck into anything that you might not feel comfortable with, but your partner’s jaw may well fall to the floor when you bring the bondage kit out – especially if it’s not something you’ve already tried together.

5. Create a risky peep show

Find a creative way to randomly flash your partner or spouse just at a time when you shouldn’t  such as;

  • Just before dinner is served at an event or restaurant
  • Before you head out together for something ordinary such as grocery shopping, parents evening, or even dinner at your parents.  

The peep show is one surprise in sex that will undoubtedly lead to a passionate encounter as soon as you are both free to lay your hands on each other.

6. Sexy surprising strokes

When it’s entirely inappropriate, start to stroke your partner in all the places you shouldn’t.  If they are on the phone talking to their boss or Mom, trying to concentrate on something, or in a snatched moment while out with friends.  

The sexy interaction will surprise your partner or spouse and will initiate something spectacular when they are free from their obligations.

7. Become dessert

Why not serve yourself up as dessert after cooking a meal for your spouse.  Simply hand him or her a tub of chocolate body paint and lead them into the bedroom for dessert – or for extra shock factor lay on the table ready to be savored.  

8. Pretend to be someone else

If you can stay in character this surprise in sex is a fun act of roleplay.  

All you need to do is pretend to be someone else, and that your spouse is having stranger sex.  Don’t forget to switch up your sex moves so that they are different to what you would usually do.  The more you get into character and the more diverse the character is from your usual self, the more shocking and exhilarating this surprise in sex will be for both of you.