How to Re-establish Love and Respect in Marriage

How to Re-establish Love and Respect in Marriage

Every marriage needs love and respect. In order to love someone, you must respect them as it is impossible to truly love a person that you do not respect. The thing is, we are human and key components of a healthy relationship need to be re-established. There are times in a marriage when spouses fail to consistently value and consider each other’s feelings. This creates problems and one or both is left feeling disrespected and unappreciated. Fortunately, re-establishing respect and love in a marriage can be done. Here’s how:


Focus on your behavior

A great tip to bring more love and respect into your marriage is to focus only on changing your behaviors. When it comes to being a respectful person and treating your spouse with respect, you are on your own. Concentrate on the changes you need to make. Reflect on how you talk to your spouse, the things you say and how you say them. If both partners do that, respect will be re-established. Just treat your spouse the way you would like to be treated.


Tolerate, appreciate and accept differences

Another great way to inject more love and respect in marriage is by learning to tolerate, appreciate and accept differences. Spouses are going to disagree and they are going to have conflicting viewpoints. Accepting, tolerating and respecting your partner’s thoughts and opinions will lead to acceptance and acceptance promotes love.


Stop trying to change your spouse

Respect and love in a marriage is often lost when partners try to change their spouse. Attempting to change someone only causes you to lose sight of the big picture. Rather than making it a point to call your spouse out when you disagree with their behavior or telling them how to act, do your part and make the effort to create a respectful and loving environment. This approach is effective because you are leading by example. Respect is often returned when it is given. Trying to change your spouse on the other hand creates tension. For those having difficulty creating a more respectful atmosphere, consider therapy. Therapy helps couples discuss difficult issues, resolve them and reverse disrespectful behaviors.