4 Excellent Marriage Communication Exercises for Your Relationship

Marriage Communication Exercises

Communication is the key to a happy and prosperous relationship. It is a very important part, especially where love is involved. Communication lets two people come together and open up about their realities. It increases intimacy and allows couples to pour their hearts out without the fear of being judged. A number of researchers have shown that couples who communicate effectively have much longer and happy marriages as compared to those couples who don’t communicate. Communication makes things easier because there are fewer secrets and more trust. If you can openly talk about anything, there wouldn’t be the need to hide it. Thus there would be lesser problems.

We cannot deny the fact that with time communication tends to decrease. There might be a shortage of topics to talk about on a daily basis and conversations can get monotonous. A reminder of how to communicate in the right way can help you keep the lines of communication straight even after thirty years of marriage. Marriage communication exercises are very common and have helped a lot of people to converse better on a daily basis. These marriage communication exercises help you communicate naturally and in flow with your partner. We have compiled a list of exercises that might be helpful so do give them a read.

1. Positive language

People tend to take things said in a positive language and tone more serious than the one said in a negative language or tone. Keeping your tone and language positive is a very effective marriage communication exercise. Constant use of negative language can make your partner feel attacked and accused. The best way to eliminate this negativity from your relationship is to say the negative thing in the most positive manner possible. This may sound confusing, but it is really not. For instance, if you feel the green colored shirt doesn’t suit your partner then rather than saying ‘I don’t like your shirt’ you should say ‘I think the black one looks much better on you.’

2. Feeling blank

A lot of people complain that they sometimes have difficulty explaining themselves to their partners. They usually give the excuse of ‘feeling blank.’ When situations like these occur, it is recommended to read aloud different scenarios for instance, ‘When you don’t like my food’ ‘When you come home late’ ‘When you play with the kids’ and then continue by saying ‘I feel ___.’ The blank is supposed to have the emotion you feel at that particular time. This is an ideal and very impactful marriage communication exercise which could be used in the relationship as a communication strengthener.

Feeling blank

3. Prediction method

Another effective marriage communication exercise is the prediction method. This method states that couples tend to overestimate the possibility of how they would react to a particular situation in contrast with how their partner would react to a particular situation. You can restrict yourself from making assumptions by noting down a few different situations and predicting the manner in which your partner would react. This makes room for discussion regarding feelings, problems that could arise in the future, mistrust, etc.

4. Three and three exercise

This marriage communication exercise is very simple yet very effective. You and your partner will have to sit separately in a quiet place with a piece of paper and a pen. Now you are supposed to write the right three things that you love about your partner and three things that you don’t like about your partner. This list will then be presented in front of each other in a neutral setting. You both need to talk about each thing written and discuss it calmly. Neither of you should feel offended or distressed while talking about the list. Take the things that your partner doesn’t like about you in good spirit and try to change that eventually.