Will He Cheat Again Quiz?

20 Questions | Total Attempts: 764
 Will He Cheat Again Quiz?

Questions Excerpt

1. Is he very possessive and protective of his phone?

A. No, not at all

B. In rare moments

C. Yes, most of the time

D. Yes, all the time

2. How did you find out that he had cheated on you?

A. He told me about it

B. I found some clue in his behavior and he confirmed it

C. Someone else told me about it

D. I caught him red-handed with the other person

3. Do they blame you for their infidelity?

A. No, not at all

B. They done that once or twice

C. Yes, many times

D. Yes, all the times

4. Can you see that they are making a real effort to make things right?

A. Yes, totally

B. Yes, I can see multiple changes

C. Kind of 

D. No, not at all

5. Has your partner sincerely apologized for cheating on you?

A. I think he was sincere

B. Not sure he was sincere

C. No

D. I think his apology was sincere

6. What was the nature of their infidelity?

A. A drunken mistake that happened once

B. One time thing with someone they knew

C. He had an affair and fell in love

D. Flings with multiple women

7. Does he listen to you and contain his emotional outbursts?

A. Always

B. Most times

C. Sometimes

D. Rarely

8. Does he spend more quality time with you now?

A. Yes, he makes sure that we connect emotionally and physically

B. Yes, he does

C. Kind of

D. No, not at all

9. Are they intimate and affectionate towards you?

A. Yes, it makes me feel special

B. Yes, sometimes

C. In rare moments

D. No, not at all

10. Did he cut contact with the other woman?

A. Yes

B. Probably yes

C. I am not sure

D. No, and he always finds excuses not to

11. How is the quality of sex in your relationship?

A. Very good

B. Good

C. Average

D. Bad

12. What reason does he offer for having cheated?

A.  He lost his way and its his fault completely

B. It was a silly mistake

C. He was seduced by the other woman

D. He says all men cheat

13. Is he very attentive to his hygiene and physical appearance?

A. Not more than usual

B. I haven't noticed anything

C. Yes, slightly

D. Yes, definitely

14. Do you feel your partner is attentive towards you?

A. Yes, we are truly connected

B. Most of the time, yes

C. He seems disinterested sometimes

D. He’s off in his own world

15. If you change your look significantly. Will he notice?

A. Yes, immediately

B. Not in the first moment

C. After an hour or so

D. Not at all

16. What is your intuition saying to you?

A. That he got over the affair

B. That he may still be thinking about the other woman

C. That they are still seeing each other

D. That he continues to cheat on me

17. Does he ever claim you are jealous and crazy?

A. Never

B. Maybe once

C. Sometimes

D. Every day

18. Do you still find him getting affected by the attractive people you meet?

A. No, not at all

B. Sometimes

C. Yes

D.  Yes, he changes his behavior completely

19. Was this the first time that he cheated on you?

A. Yes, for sure

B. Yes, I think so 

C. I'm not sure

D. No, he has done this before

20. Is he open and honest when it comes to sharing details about his infidelity?

A. Yes, he is ready to share everything

B. Yes, most of the time

C. Depends on the question

D. No, he is very guarded and defensive about it

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