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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 235 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Is Your Boyfriend Faithful quiz
Relationships are hard to maintain, especially romantic ones. Romantic relationships could be of many kinds, such as monogamous, polyamorous, and more. So if you and your boyfriend made a deal to stay sexually faithful to each other, then you ought to talk to him about how you feel. Wondering is your boyfriend faithful? In cases where the partners decide to be only emotionally loyal and not sexually, you must prioritize your needs and communicate your discontent. Even if you are going through a bad patch, a good and constructive conversation will always help you redesign or restructure your relationships. To know if your boyfriend is keeping the deal intact or not, take this quiz and rid yourself of all the negativity.

Questions Excerpt

1. How is the general tone of your mood these days?

A. Quite normal 

B. I feel stressed

C. I feel a little sad

2. What do you usually do when you feel like talking to someone?

A. I call my friends and family

B. I talk to my boyfriend 

C. I like dealing with things on my own

3. Have you been binging on food lately? 

A. Yes, I have been

B. No, I am eating much more than before

C. I am eating fine

4. Does your partner often ignore your emotional needs?

A. Yes, he does

B. He barely listens

C. Sometimes

5. Does your partner ignore your sexual needs?

A. Yes, he does, and I am sick of it

B. Not really

C. Sometimes 

6. Do you share a monogamous or a polyamorous relationship?

A. Monogamous

B. Polyamorous

C. I am not sure

7. How does he act when you feel sick or are down with a fever?

A. He takes care of me

B. He makes sure I get help 

C. He sometimes helps

8. Has he ever met your social circle or made you meet his people?

A. Yes, we both know each other’s friends and family

B. He always refuses to socialize

C. Once, yes

9. Has his behavior changed towards you in recent weeks?

A. Yes, he seems distant 

B. Not really

C. It seems that he is keeping something inside

10. Have you been feeling differently towards him lately? 

A. Yes, just a little bit

B. It is probably a phase

C. I am, but I want to make it work

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