Quiz: Why Do I Like Older Men?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 579
Quiz: Why Do I Like Older Men?

Do you find older men appealing? If you're taking this quiz, the answer is yes. So, what's your main reason for doing so? For some, this is directly related to maturity or the support that they offer. Or are there other reasons? 

What feelings do your sparks for older men elicit in you? We hope that ‘Why do I like older men’ quiz will reveal to you the reasons behind your desire for older men!

Questions Excerpt

1. Which hobby is the best?

A. Drawing

B. Baking

C. Reading

2. Which trait is the most important in a partner?

A. Openness

B. Respect

C. Kindness

3. Should mind games be used in romantic relationships?

A. Of course

B. Not sure, maybe sometimes

C. No, I don’t need to

4. Is a partner's wisdom important?

A. Yes, of course

B. No actually

C. Sometimes

5. What do you believe mature men are good at?

A. They make no attempt to change their partners

B. They can have an interesting discussion

C. They know exactly what they want and are not afraid to express it

6. How important is it for you to feel safe in a relationship?

A. A lot

B. A little

C. Not important to me

7. What is the characteristic that makes older men appealing?

A. Charismatic type

B. Maturity

C. Cleverness

8. Are older men better at understanding you?

A. I have never thought about it

B. Generally yes

C. I think so

9. The words "caring, loving, and nurturing" make you feel...

A. Happy

B. Nothing

C. Secure

10. Lastly, do you believe men are slow in maturing?

A. Yes

B. Every now and then

C. I don't think it has anything to do with gender

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