Who Is My Ideal Partner Quiz

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Who Is My Ideal Partner Quiz
Do you often wonder, who is my ideal partner? It's hard to find the right partner in a sea teeming with fishes. But your perfect partner is out there somewhere, and you might be wondering how to figure out who exactly your ideal partner is. To help you start thinking about your partner and what kind of person you're looking for, take this short quiz!

Questions Excerpt

1. What does your ideal Saturday night look like?

A. Staying at home cozied up and watching a movie with my partner/friends

B. Going with a bunch of friends and partying hard!

C. Going out on a romantic date at a classy restaurant

2. What kind of hair do you like on your partner?

A. Neat hairstyles

B. Messy medium length hair

C. Elegant hairstyles

3. What kind of partners have you been attracted to in the past?

A. Passionate people

B. People who are ambitious and know where they're going in life

C. People who are kind and caring to others

4. What's your favorite book/ movie genre?

A. Rom-coms

B. Fantasy/ fiction

C. Non-fiction

5. What do you and your friends usually do when you hang out?

A. Indulge in some fun activities!

B. Talk about life and our careers

C. Help people

6. What do you think is most attractive in a person?

A. Kindness

B. Ambition

C. Good sense of humor

7. What's your outfit motto?

A. "Dress to impress"

B. "Comfort over fashion"

C. "Dress the way you want"

8. What are your favorite hobbies?

A. Anything that involves physical exercise, or helps engage in artistic expression

B. Watching documentaries or learning something new

C. Relaxing activities like yoga and meditation

9. How do you like your coffee?

A. Black coffee, please!

B. Fancy and bold coffee, maybe a Frappuccino?

C. No coffee! Just milkshakes and juices

10. What's most important to you in life?

A. Having fun!

B. Leaving a legacy behind

C. Helping people around you

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