Which Type Of Relation Are You Most Comfortable In Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 22 | Updated: Sep 04, 2022
 Which Type of Relation Are You Most Comfortable In Quiz?

If you've ever felt compelled to follow the rules of monogamy or casual dating, one of the other relationship structures might be a better fit for you.

Relationships can sometimes be complicated, and not everyone needs to be in a monogamous relationship. Which option is the best choice for you? To help you determine whether this is the case, we created a ‘In Which Type Of Relation Are You Most Comfortable’ Quiz for you! Let’s dive in.

Questions Excerpt

1. When they..., I feel most special to my partner.

A. …allow for the items that are important to me in our budget

B. …tell me what they like about me

C. …in their spare time, they enjoy doing things with me

2. My partner makes me feel the most loved when...

A. It shows how important I am to them

B. Gives me hugs and kisses

C. Just because, they bring me a special treat

3. Do you tend to accept what others do or say in a relationship/group?

A. Almost every time

B. Occasionally, but not frequently

C. Rarely ever

4. Sex is also a bonding and connecting experience for you, because turning someone on turns you on.

A. Agree

B. Neutral

C. Disagree

5. Choose the best definition for yourself

A. Conscious and open to your own desires

B. A wonderful giver in the bedroom because I am selfless, generous, and intuitive

C. Flirtatious, liberated, and entertaining, sex is almost a recreational activity for me in which I make connections with others

6. Which is the perfect lover for you?

A. A partner who is not afraid to take risks or experiment with themselves

B. A partner who is open to your direction and willing to do the majority of the giving in bed

C. A partner you can delegate authority to from time to time in order to experiment with new ways of making love

7. What is the best word that describes you?

A. Ardent

B. Adventurer

C. Judicious

8. You feel the most comfortable when the erotic connection is solely between you and your partner, and you choose to keep your sexual experiences private.

A. Agree

B. Neutral

C. Disagree

9. What are your thoughts on long-term relationships?

A. I believe that "the one" exists for every human being. To me, the concept of soul mates makes a lot of sense

B. Long-term relationships are boring, period. I believe that partners who are constantly together eventually lose their love. They're simply too timid to interact or hook up with new people. Their relationship is not based on love, but rather on habit

C. To be honest, people being monogamous does not fit with human nature. Why do I stay with the same person for good? Nah, not my thing. Every new person brings with them a new experience haven't had before

10. The last one; you thrive in a deeply connected partnership and will go to any length to create a romantic fairytale…

A. Agree

B. Neutral

C. Disagree

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