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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 64
Relationship Spectrum Quiz
When it comes to dating, all relationships can be defined by three specific categories within the relationship spectrum. This process helps interpret whether you are in a healthy, unhealthy, or abusive relationship. Ideally, we all hope to be in a healthy and respectful partnership, but sometimes that isn’t always the case. Do you know where your relationship would be? It’s essential to identify the red flags to avoid finding yourself in a negative situation. Take this quiz to find out exactly where your union ranks on the relationship spectrum.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does your partner prohibit you from doing things you want to do?

A. Yes, my partner controls every aspect of my life and won’t allow me to make my own decisions

B. No, my partner is always supportive and encouraging toward me

C. My partner will usually start an argument with me but I ultimately do what I want anyway

2. Have you ever felt like your partner has isolated you from your friends and family?

A. No, everyone gets along very well

B. Yes, I am made to feel like the only person I should spend time with is my partner

C. Sometimes I feel like being with my partner has pushed others away

3. Has your partner ever put their hands on you in an angry or aggressive manner?

A. Yes, and I am told that I deserve it

B. No, that would never happen in my relationship

C. We only get into verbal altercations, not physical

4. How often do you feel like your partner’s wants and needs are put before your own?

A. I never really feel this way

B. Sometimes I do feel like my opinions are secondary

C. I constantly feel like I’m being held back l and unappreciated

5. Does your partner ever threaten you and insult you during an argument?

A. This has happened once or twice

B. No, nothing like that has ever happened

C. Threats and insults happen frequently

6. Has your partner ever been unfaithful during your relationship?

A. Yes, I have been cheated on multiple times

B. No, my partner would never cheat

C. I have my suspicions but I don’t know for sure

7. Has your partner ever demanded access to your social media or other personal accounts?

A. Yes, my partner demands access and continues over my private accounts

B. My partner wants access to these things but I refuse

C. No, my partner has no interest in accessing anything like that

8. Has your partner ever unexpectedly showed up when you said you were going out with friends?

A. All the time. My partner won’t let me out of their sight

B. That has not happened

C. No, but they will obsessively call and text me while I am out

9. Does your partner ever lie, manipulate, and skew the truth?

A. No, I would not be in a relationship with someone like that

B. My partner frequently lies and tries to manipulate me

C. I have caught them in a few lies but it was nothing serious

10. How would you describe your comfort level with your partner?

A. I’m very comfortable and at ease around my partner

B. I am often uneasy and on edge around my partner

C. I am moderately comfortable with my partner but we do fight a lot

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