Which Disney Prince Is Your Soulmate?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 3628
Which Disney Prince Is Your Soulmate?

Questions Excerpt

1. Which princess have you always dreamed of resembling, and why?

A. Aurora from Sleeping beauty because she can sing.

B. Belle from beauty and the beast because she is so kind-hearted.

C. Cinderella because she is so perfect.

D. Snow white because she is delicate.

2. Which Disney Princes are the hottest: classic or modern?

A. The classics because they were drawn by Disney himself.

B. The classics because they were perfectly animated.

C. The modern ones because they resemble more modern men.

D. The modern ones because they are more natural.

3. How would you like to meet your Disney Prince?

A. In the woods.

B. At a gala party.

C. At the store.

D. At school.

4. Would you love to have a rival try to take your prince away from you?

A. No, why?

B. No, absolutely not.

C. Yes, because it will make the story steamier.

D. Yes, because it would mean that your prince is really handsome.

5. Who do you think should defeat the witch?

A. You.

B. Your prince.

C. You and your prince.

D. You don't know yet, you will have to think about it.

6. If you were a Disney Princess, how would the witch try to eliminate you?

A. With poison.

B. Through stabbing.

C. By kidnapping you and locking you away.

D. By strangulation.

7. How Do you prefer your prince?

A. Tall, handsome with black hair.

B. Strong and stubborn.

C. Smart and passionate.

D. Experienced and kind.

8. What is your favorite Disney love story of all times?

A. Snow White

B. Cinderella

C. Sleeping beauty

D. Beauty and the Beast

9. What would seal your relationship with your prince?

A. A kiss.

B. A passionate hug followed by a long and steamy kiss.

C. A victory against evil.

D. A wedding.

10. What would be your favorite end of the story sentence?

A. And they lived happily ever after...

B. And they lived to be old and had many children...

C. And they loved each other forever...

D. And true love certainly conquered all...

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