Disney Couple: Which Disney Couple Are You Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 938 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Disney Couple: Which Disney Couple Are You Quiz?
Everyone remembers Disney’s adaptation of famous middle ages or Renaissance fairy tales. They gave a sense of romanticism to every young girl and an insight into the original story. This made us so dreamy as children that we all believed in prince charming or the delicate sweet woman who would sweep our minds away. Do you think your love story resembles one of the well-known Disney couples? If yes, take our quiz now and find out!

Questions Excerpt

1. Was it love at first sight with your lover?

A. Yes

B. No, it took time

C. It wasn’t mutual but true love conquered all in the end

D. No, one lusted over the other one at first

2. Is your relationship very romantic?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. Just a little bit

D. No but it's very heroic

3. Have you been through a lot of hardship as a couple?

A. Yes

B. Not really

C. There have been some difficult times but your partner surely helped make things okay

D. No, never

4. Have people tried to keep you apart?

A. Yes

B. For a short while yes

C. Not that you know of

D. No, you never went anything of the sort

5. Did your relationships begin with a big tragedy?

A. Yes

B. A small tragedy

C. No really

D. Maybe, because you almost feel like they saved your life

6. Do you come from different social classes?

A. Yes

B. No, you have the same background

C. You both come from families who are comfortable financially but you weren’t treated kindly by family members

D. Class didn’t really matter for the two of you

7. Do you make each other feel like royalty?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes

C. Not really

D. Not at all

8. Did your lover assist you during times of hardship?

A. Yes

B. Most of the time

C. He assists you all the time during bad and good times

D. He doesn’t know when you go through hard times

9. Are you accepted by your lover’s family?

A. Not really

B. Yes

C. It was hard at first, but now things are okay

D. You think so

10. Do you have a special chemistry with your lover?

A. Yes, of course

B. Yes, it was love at first sight

C. Once they saw you they felt they were in heaven

D. He finds you special and smart

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