Quiz: When Should I Sleep With Him?

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 242
Quiz: When Should I Sleep With Him?
If you are wondering when the right time is to sleep with a guy you have your eye on, it could be very hard to determine when exactly the right time is. It is mostly about what you personally feel you should do, what you are looking for out of this relationship, and being true to yourself and what’s important to you. Everyone has heard that if you sleep with him too soon, it won’t work out, and if you wait too long, he will get bored and move on before he even gets to know you, so what’s the sweet spot right in between? The best answer is whatever you feel is best for you as long as you are doing it for the right reasons. If you find yourself still wondering when you should sleep with him, take this short ‘Should I Sleep With Him’ quiz for the best answer!

Questions Excerpt

1. What are you looking for right now?

A. A hookup

B. A relationship

C. I don't know

2. What is he looking for right now?

A. A hookup

B. A relationship

C. I'm not sure

3. Will this be exclusive, or will you sleep with other people as well?

A. Probably sleep with other people

B. I am not sure

C. Hopefully exclusive, but I am not sure if he wants that too

4. Have you gone on any dates?

A. Not really, just hung out before

B. Yes

C. No

5. How long have you known him?

A. Over a month

B. A few weeks

C. We just met

6. How long have you been single?

A. Over 6 months

B. 2-6 months

C. Less than 2 months

7. Does he treat you well?

A. Yes, he’s incredible

B. Sometimes

C. I don’t really know him that well

8. Do you feel like you are pressured into sleeping with him?

A. No, not at all

B. I feel nervous about doing it, but I do want to

C. I kind of feel like I have to/I feel pressured

9. Are you attracted to him?

A. Yes, 100%

B. I am, for the most part

C. Somewhat, but not incredibly attracted

10. Do you feel emotionally ready and confident that you should sleep with him?

A. Yes

B. I think so

C. I am not sure/No

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