What's Your Role in the Relationship Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 192
Whatu2019s Your Role in the Relationship Quiz
Social relationships come with predefined and unsaid norms that limit your role based on your gender. But the postmodern world lets you be who you want to be in a relationship. You need to know where to put your foot down. A relationship doesn’t give anyone the license to exploit or get exploited by the other person. It will be much better to treat each other equally and not do things you wouldn’t otherwise do to other people, such as your workmates. This quiz will help you strengthen your core strengths and help you know “what’s your role in the relationship.”

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you short-tempered?

A. No, but I find it hard to channel my anger

B. Yes, but I don’t mean harm to anyone

C. No, I am not

D. I hate to admit it but I am short tempered

2. What’s your role at your workplace?

A. I am the team lead

B. I am a freelancer

C. I am the employer

D. I am an employee

3. How often do you clean your space such as workspace, or living space?

A. Almost everyday

B. Quite regularly

C. Once a week

D. I get paid help

4. Do you have an organized closet space, and is there room for another person‘s stuff?

A. I do, and yes

B. My closet is well organized, but I don’t have room for another person

C. It’s all over the place, but there sure is room for another person

D. Kind of, but I can’t share my closet space

5. Are you a better listener than a speaker?

A. I think I am

B. I am more of a talker

C. I don’t talk much, but I also don’t listen to many things

D. I am somewhere in the middle

6. Do you like the movie romance?

A. I love it

B. It’s not for me

C. I am against it

D. That is all I know about romance

7. Do you believe in the phrase, “actions speak louder than words”?

A. No, I am just the opposite

B. I sort of do believe in this phrase

C. I feel it should be a mix of both

D. I am not sure

8. Which of the following words or terms are relatable to your idea of a healthy relationship?

A. Parasitic relationship

B. Symbiosis

C. Giving

D. Provider

9. Do you take your anger out on people?

A. No, I keep it in

B. Yes, I do

C. Sometimes, but I am trying to control myself

D. I take it out on myself

10. What’s the most sacred thing that you don’t want from your partner(s)?

A. Betrayal

B. Sexism

C. Domination

D. Ownership

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