What's Your Love IQ Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 94
What\'s Your Love IQ Quiz
Love is fantastic and what you have for your sweetheart isn’t just something that goes pitter-patter in your heart. True love is more than just butterflies in your stomach. rnYour heart should be skipping a beat when you see your beau! Does your IQ break all records, or do you need a little help when it comes to love? Unless you take this What’s your love IQ quiz, you can never know! Let's take the test and be a better lover!

Questions Excerpt

1. Is jealousy proof of love or lack of trust?

A. Jealousy is not a sign of love

B. Neutral

C. Of course, it’s a sign of love!

2. Which color do you think symbolizes love?

A. Green

B. Red

C. White

3. How long do romantic feelings take to develop in a relationship?

A. There is no need to wait because love is at first sight

B. About three months

C. More than six months

4. Assuming your partner has suddenly become quiet and distant. Their actions seem to speak volumes about what he's thinking. They’re withdrawing from you. What do you do?

A. I ignore the issue; it’ll resolve itself if they love me back

B. I wait until my SO is ready to talk with me

C. I try to talk to them to solve the problem

5. Assuming you had a good time, what is the best thing to say when texting your date after?

A. I had a nice time with you last night. We should do it again sometime

B. The other one has to write first, not me!

C. Will you text me when you get home, so I know you made it safely?

6. Someone you recently went on a date with is not responding to your messages. What do you do?

A. Writing another message, of course

B. I call them until they answer!

C. Waiting is the best attitude for these kinds of situations

7. If my partner and I really love one another enough, none of our problems or personality differences will threaten the existence of our relationship.

A. Strongly agree

B. Neutral

C. Disagree

8. As the last question is, which statement do you most agree with?

A. True love stories never have endings

B. A life lived in love will never be dull

C. Life is the flower for which love is the honey

9. What is the most important thing in a relationship for you?

A. Being good in bed

B. Full-Time communication

C. Common interests

10. What is the grandest gesture for keeping a relationship going strong?

A. A Day off together

B. Roses… 

C. Big-budget gifts

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