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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 440
How Hard Am I to Love Quiz
Relationships can become quite challenging for both sides sometimes. You may even feel like you are the reason for these difficulties and wonder, “How hard am I to love?”. Both people in a partnership contribute to its dynamics. It often happens that one is more involved and open, while the other might find it hard to be vulnerable and puts an invisible wall against such experiences.You may struggle with letting your partner in and have some issues with committing to them completely. Take this quiz and find out if you may indeed be hard to love.

Questions Excerpt

1. When someone tries to get close to me…

A. I show my emotions and open up completely.

B. I find it hard to open up, yet I try to express my feelings in the ways I can.

C. I completely close off and put an emotional barrier between us.

2. Whenever a new person comes into my life, I…

A. Try to leave my resentment and hurt in the past, although it may not always work.

B. Punish them for all the painful things that have happened in the past.

C. Want to start anew, without expectations or prejudices.

3. Do you tell lies?

A. I do it only to protect myself.

B. I try not to do it, it does more harm than good.

C. If it makes something easier, I may tell a little lie from time to time.

4. Do you engage in self-destructive behaviors often?

A. I do it all the time.

B. I try not to do it, but I fail when I am under a lot of stress.

C. I do it very rarely. I try to take care of myself.

5. When you argue with your loved ones, you…

A. Want to clear things up and talk until we fix the issue.

B. Try my best to communicate but I lose my temper sometimes.

C. Eventually stop talking to them and wait for them to apologize.

6. Do you believe that you deserve to be loved?

A. Not really.

B. Sometimes, but I struggle with it.

C. Yes.

7. When I realize that I have made a mistake…

A. I apologize to the other person and admit my mistakes.

B. I do not make mistakes so the other person must be at fault.

C. It takes me time, but I admit my mistake in the end.

8. When someone is counting on me for something important...

A. I try my best to be there and take responsibility.

B. I sometimes forget about my promises and duties.

C. I often forget about my promise or purposefully transfer it to someone else.

9. When it comes to relationships, I...

A. Try to keep the mystery alive and make little twists from time to time.

B. Put my cards on the table and do my best to be a stable partner.

C. Want to have the freedom to do whatever I want, no strings attached.

10. You go to the movies with a loved one, but you want to see different things. What do you do?

A. We may fight for a while, but I can watch the other movie after all.

B. I do not want to watch a movie I dislike as that would be a waste of time.

C. I can make a compromise and watch the movie they like.

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