What's Your Apology Language Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 551 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
What\'s Your Apology Language Quiz
Love has many languages of its own. One of the most important is your apology language, which means how your demeanor is when seeking an apology. The reason why it is important is that this will help your partner understand you better. You might be really sorry at heart, but not expressing it to your partner could leave them hanging in the middle. It is all about how you express what you are trying to seek. This ‘What's your apology language quiz’ will help you know your apology language and make amends if needed.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you expect them to apologise if they make a mistake?

A. No, I just want them to own their mistakes

B. Yes, it’s not too hard to say, “I am sorry”

C. Not really, I don’t like conflicts

2. If your partner is upset about something you did, how do you approach them?

A. I own up to my mistake and cheer them up

B. I feel really uncomfortable and try to distract them

C. I usually say sorry and try to make them happy

3. How would you describe a routine conversation with your partner?

A. We both share a lot

B. Pleasant, but we don’t touch on sensitive subjects

C. Normalapologizeapologizeopen dialogue

4. What do you think your apology language is?

A. I am quite apologetic

B. I find it hard to apologize

C. I own up to my mistakes, but I prefer a civil argument

5. If not verbally, would you be willing to express your apology through other means such as a letter or a note?

A. Yes, certainly

B. One way or another

C. I don’t mind trying

6. How often do you address your partner’s concerns?

A. As often as they need

B. Sometimes

C. Rarely

7. How do you react when they make a mistake?

A. I try to tell them why does it bother me

B. I usually confront them

C. I just tell them about their mistake

8. Who is usually the first one to apologise after an argument?

A. They are

B. I am

C. It’s usually mutual

9. Pick one of the following thoughts that comes to your mind whenever there is a fight?

A. I can’t deal with it right now

B. I hope it is over soon

C. We will get through this

10. Do you feel you are more well-behaved in front of others compared to your partner?

A. Yes, I guess

B. Sometimes

C. I behave the same in both cases

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