What's The Perfect Gift For My Boyfriend For Christmas 2020 Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 711
Whatu2019s The Perfect Gift For My Boyfriend For Christmas 2020 Quiz
Have you been wondering what does my boyfriend want for Christmas? Sometimes it could be challenging to find the perfect gift for that special guy in your life. If you are struggling to decide what to get your boyfriend for Christmas and he isn’t giving you any hints, this quiz can help narrow it down for you and find something your boyfriend will be sure to love!rnTake the short quiz now to reveal the best gift for your guy!

Questions Excerpt

1. Which of these would be most appealing to your boyfriend?

A. Home improvement/Hands-on projects

B. Entertaining/Having parties

C. Self-care/Comfort

D. Living a simple life

2. How much are you looking to spend?

A. Under $20

B. $20-$50

C. $50-$100

D. Doesn’t matter

3. What is your boyfriend’s style most like?

A. Rustic

B. Contemporary

C. Fashion-forward

D. He doesn’t really have a style

4. Which of these categories is most relevant to something you are looking for?

A. Household items

B. Monthly subscription boxes

C. Practical items

D. Not really sure

5. How long have you been dating your boyfriend?

A. A few months

B. 6 months

C. A year

D. Several years

6. Which of these personality traits does your boyfriend possess?

A. Hardworking

B. Outgoing

C. Creative

D. All/None

7. Is your boyfriend a clean cut type of guy or more of a rugged outdoorsman?

A. Rugged outdoorsman

B. In between the two

C. Clean cut

D. Neither

8. Which of these does your boyfriend most enjoy?

A. Hiking/camping/fishing

B. Home projects/Hosting parties at his home

C. Keeping up with the latest trends/Trying new things

D. All of the above

9. Which of these does your boyfriend do the most?

A. Hands-on projects

B. Cook/Clean

C. Travel

D. Work

10. What is your thought while buying your boyfriend gifts?

A. I try to find something very useful, but also thoughtful

B. I always try to make gifts more personal

C. I always try to be creative with my gift ideas

D. I always try to get him something practical that he really needs

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