What To Buy Him For Christmas Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 53 | Updated: Dec 15, 2022
 What to Buy Him for Christmas Quiz?

It’s that time of year again! Time to start thinking about the holidays and what gifts you have to add on your shopping list this year. If you are stumped on what to buy him for Christmas, you have come to the right place! 

Whether you are shopping for your brother, friend, boyfriend, husband, or father, we have excellent suggestions that you might be looking for. Just answer a few short questions to reveal what items you should add to your shopping list as the perfect ‘gifts for him’ this Christmas!

Questions Excerpt

1. Does he spend more time indoors or outdoors doing things around the house?

A. Both

B. Outdoors

C. Indoors

D. He isn’t home all that often; he has a busy schedule

2. What tasks does he spend the most time doing?

A. Listening to music/podcasts/sports

B. Projects around the home

C. He is a workaholic

D. He loves watching games with a pint of beer in hand

3. How much money are you looking to spend?

A. Under $50

B. $50-$100

C. $100-$300

D. Over $300

4. Which of these does he most enjoy?

A. Hiking/camping/fishing

B. Home projects/Hosting parties at his home

C. Keeping up with the latest trends/Trying new things

D. All of the above

5. Is he a clean-cut type of guy or more of a rugged outdoorsman?

A. Rugged outdoorsman

B. In between the two

C. Clean cut

D. Neither

6. How well do you know him?

A. Acquaintance

B. He is a family friend/relative

C. He is someone very dear to me

D. He is a true buddy

7. What is his style?

A. Active/relaxed

B. Business casual/sophisticated

C. Outgoing/fun

D. Trendy

8. Which of these activities does he enjoy most?

A. Being social

B. Drinking fine spirits

C. Entertaining/gathering with friends

D. Being active/healthy

9. Does he drink alcohol?

A. Sometimes

B. He enjoys a good glass of whiskey

C. Yes, he loves beer

D. Not often/never

10. Does he enjoy smart devices?

A. Yes, but he doesn’t have any

B. He’s neutral about them

C. He doesn’t really care too much about the newest technology

D. Yes, loves it

11. What kind of music does he enjoy?

A. He likes all kinds of music

B. He listens to whatever is there on the radio

C. He likes rock music

D. He likes popular songs

12. Is he into working out and fitness?

A. Yes, he likes to workout to upbeat music

B. At times

C. Not really

D. Yes, he is very particular about it

13. How much time does he spend on his devices?

A. A decent amount

B. Not that much

C. Only when it’s essential

D. A lot of time

14. Does he like sitting and sharing a drink with his friends or family?

A. Yes, most of the time

B. At times

C. Yes, for sure

D. No, he is a solitary soul

15. Does he like exploring new drinks that are rare and unique?

A. In rare moments

B. Yes, he does

C. No, he likes his usual drinks

D. He likes the ones that are expensive and sort after

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