What's My Next Relationship Going To Be Like Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 145
Whatu2019s My Next Relationship Going to Be Like Quiz
You've had maybe a relationship or two, but they did not work out, as some may conclude. But the past is the past and you can look forward to the future. Your attitude right now can determine the kind of relationship that you will have next. Your next relationship could be an improvement over your past relationships, or it could play out along similar lines. But by answering these questions, you can figure out you are headed in which direction and course-correct if necessary. Take this ‘What’s My Next Relationship Going to Be Like’ quiz and determine how well it could turn out for you in your next relationship.

Questions Excerpt

1. How will you treat your next partner?

A. With love and care

B. With decency and respect

C. I’m not sure

2. How close will you be with your next partner?

A. Intensely close

B. Close

C. It depends

3. Will you give your next partner space?

A. Yes, if they want space

B. Yes, if they need space

C. It depends on the situation

4. How often do you want to have sexual intercourse with your next partner?

A. Often

B. Once in a while

C. It depends

5. Will you be restrictive as a partner (no female/male friends, no certain activities, no going out)?

A. No, not at all

B. Sometimes

C. I’m not sure

6. Would you like to have a family with your next partner?

A. Yes, absolutely!

B. Possibly

C. No

7. How will you respond to your next partner's requests that you may not like?

A. I will politely decline and explain my reasons

B. I will simply say no

C. I will adamantly say no

8. Will you allow your next partner to have different political opinions?

A. Yes

B. It depends

C. Absolutely not

9. Does your next partner have to look a certain way?

A. No, they just need to be attractive

B. Certain quirks only

C. Yes, they need to have everything I want physically in a partner

10. Does your next partner have to satisfy your sexual needs?

A.  I would love them either way

B. Sometimes

C. Yes, if I want

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