What Type Of Narcissist Is He Quiz

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 2222
What Type Of Narcissist Is He Quiz
If your partner is a narcissist, you're probably wondering what type of narcissist he is. The reality is that most narcissists exhibit several types of narcissistic traits. It is the combination of these traits and behaviors that determines the type of narcissist you’re dealing with. Take this What Type Of Narcissist Is He Quiz and find out!

Questions Excerpt

1. Does he think that he’s unique or special?

A. Yes, definitely

B. Very rarely

C. No, never

2. Does he think that he's great at a lot of things compared to most people?

A. All the time!

B. Very frequently

C. Not at all

3. Does he secretly believe he’s better than most people?

A. Yes!

B. Sometimes, just on some topics

C. No, never

4. Do obstacles slow him down rarely?

A. Yes, he’s so strong!

B. Not sure, sometimes, maybe

C. I don’t know, I feel like no.

5. He's self-confident but caring.

A. Agree

B. Neutral

C. Disagree

6. Does he like to talk about himself

A. Yes, a lot

B. Sometimes

C. No, never 

7. Does he try to control you by imposing rules on your life?

A. Ugh, yes

B. No, I’d never let a man do this!

C. Somewhat

8. Is he basically obsessed with controlling your behavior?

A. Yes

B. Sometimes 

C. No, not really

9. Does he often put his own needs ahead of yours?

A. Yes, everything is about him. I have no choice and no voice

B. It depends

C. No, not really

10. Do you feel like he makes you feel like you're worthless?

A. Sometimes yes

B. Yes, all the time

C. No, never

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