What’s Your Red Flag Personality Quiz

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 635 | Updated: Mar 08, 2024
What’s Your Red Flag Personality Quiz

Ever wonder what traits might wave a red flag in your personality? Take this fun and insightful "What’s Your Red Flag Personality Quiz" to uncover those quirky or challenging traits of yours. It’s simple, relatable, and might just help you understand yourself a bit better. Let’s dive in!

Questions Excerpt

1. Where do you think you need to work on yourself?

A. My laziness

B. My mental health

C. My temperament

2. What will you do if someone wrongs you?

A. I wouldn’t care much about it

B. I may never forgive that person

C. It’ll be intolerable for me

3. How will you describe your love life?

A. Things seem okay but I rarely put in the effort to engage my partner

B. I’m worried about it as much

C. I’m angry over petty issues, it seems I’m losing my partner

4. How will you describe your work-related strategy?

A. I’m noted for procrastinating most often

B. When work becomes difficult, I frustrate easily about it

C. Teamwork isn’t my thing. I like to work alone

5. How will you describe your relationship with your friends?

A. My friends don’t think I’m taking our friendship seriously due to lack of effort

B. We always have a conflicting view, I think I’m misunderstood

C. We quibble a lot

6. What’s your weakness?

A. Discipline

B. Lack of empathy

C. Patience

7. Where do you think you should be?

A. I need to go and visit friends I haven’t seen for a while

B. I need to visit the psychologist

C. I need a therapy that will prioritize anger management

8. Your partner returns home late, what do you do?

A. I wait till they come back then we order a take out

B. I assume they’re stressed from work so I cook

C. I get angry and demand that they do their duty

9. What do you think of your future?

A. I don’t care about it

B. I worry about it a lot

C. I’m angry with what I’m currently doing with my life

10. What’s your longest relationship ever?

A. 8 to 12 months

B. 5 to 7 months

C. 1 to 4 months

11. How do you react to constructive criticism?

A. I tend to ignore it, honestly.

B. It makes me feel defensive or upset.

C. I can get pretty confrontational about it.

12. What’s your approach to handling responsibilities?

A. I often put them off until the last minute.

B. I get overwhelmed but don’t seek help.

C. I take charge, but I'm easily irritated by others’ input.

13. How do you deal with stress?

A. I usually avoid dealing with it.

B. I bottle it up until I can’t anymore.

C. It often leads to outbursts on my part.

14. What’s your social media behavior like?

A. I’m hardly active; too much effort.

B. I often post things in the heat of the moment.

C. I can be confrontational in comments or posts.

15. How do you view teamwork?

A. I contribute the minimum required.

B. I find it hard to empathize with team members' challenges.

C. I prefer leading, and get frustrated when not in control.

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