What’s Your Red Flag Personality Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 432
What’s Your Red Flag Personality Quiz
Red flags in relationships are behavioral patterns or actions that people find as turn-offs in their partners. They offer reasons to stop or walk away from a relationship. They’re signs that a relationship is unhealthy and proceeding down a road could be emotionally problematic. It’s also good to note that red flag signs in relationships aren’t always obvious, many take the form of clues and subtle hints of underlying problems. Take this ‘What’s your red flag personality quiz ‘ to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you think you need to work on yourself?

A. My laziness

B. My mental health

C. My temperament

2. What will you do if someone wrongs you?

A. I wouldn’t care much about it

B. I may never forgive that person

C. That’ll be intolerable

3. How will you describe your love life?

A. Things seem okay but I rarely put in the effort to engage my partner

B. I’m worried about it as much

C. I’m angry over petty issues, it seems I’m losing my partner

4. How will you describe your work-related strategy?

A. I’m noted for procrastinating most often

B. When work becomes difficult, I frustrate easily about it

C. Teamwork isn’t my thing. I like to work alone

5. How will you describe your relationship with your friends?

A. My friends don’t think I’m taking our friendship serious due to lack of effort

B. We always have a conflicting view, I think I’m misunderstood

C. We quibble a lot

6. What’s your weakness?

A. Discipline

B. Lack of empathy

C. Patience

7. Where do you think you should be?

A. I need to go and visit friends I haven’t seen for a while

B. I need to visit the psychologist

C. I need a therapy that will prioritize anger management

8. Your partner returns home late, what do you do?

A. I wait till she comes then we order a take out

B. I assume they’re stressed from work so I cook

C. I get angry and demand that they do their duty

9. What do you think of your future?

A. I don’t care about it

B. I worry about it a lot

C. I’m angry with what I’m currently doing with my life

10. What’s your longest relationship ever?

A. 8 to 12 months

B. 5 to 7 months

C. 1 to 4 months

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