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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 22 | Updated: May 09, 2024
Do I Have Antisocial Personality Disorder Quiz

Curious about your personality traits and how they align with antisocial personality disorder (ASPD)? This quiz is designed to offer some insight. While it's not a diagnostic tool, it can help highlight tendencies or behaviors associated with ASPD. Remember, only a professional can provide an accurate diagnosis, so consider this quiz a starting point for understanding yourself better.

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you find yourself lying or manipulating others for personal gain or pleasure?

A. Rarely, if ever

B. Sometimes, but it's not a habit

C. Quite frequently, it's part of getting what I want

2. Do you often feel remorse or guilt after doing something that negatively affects others?

A. Yes, I usually feel pretty bad

B. It depends on the situation

C. Rarely, I don't see why I should

3. How do you react to being criticized or confronted about your behavior?

A. I take it seriously and reflect on it

B. I get defensive but think about it later

C. I dismiss it or retaliate

4. Do you respect the law and societal norms?

A. Yes, generally I follow the rules

B. Mostly, though I might bend the rules occasionally

C. Not really, I don't see the point

5. How do you handle responsibilities and commitments?

A. I take them seriously and try to meet expectations

B. I try, but sometimes I fall short

C. I often ignore or evade them

6. How would you describe your relationships with others?

A. Stable and empathetic

B. Variable, with some conflicts

C. Often turbulent or superficial

7. Do you often engage in risky or impulsive behaviors without considering the consequences?

A. No, I tend to be cautious

B. Sometimes, but I try to be mindful

C. Yes, frequently

8. How do you feel about exploiting others to get what you want?

A. Uncomfortable, I prefer not to

B. It's not ideal, but sometimes it happens

C. I don't have a problem with it

9. Do you feel empathy towards others?

A. Yes, I'm generally understanding and compassionate

B. It varies from situation to situation

C. Not really, I struggle to relate

10. How do you react to frustration or anger?

A. I try to calm down and find a solution

B. I might lash out but regret it later

C. I often let my anger out without much thought

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