Personality Test for Kids!

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Personality Test for Kids!
From adventurous and determined to thoughtful and controlled, there are four commonly recognized personality types for children. These are: choleric, sanguine, melancholy, and phlegmatic. Take this quiz to find out which personality type your child belongs to!

Questions Excerpt

1. When meeting new people, what is your child more likely to do?

A. Immediately take over the conversation and activities

B. Be friendly and talkative

C. Be shy until they get to know them

D. Observe from the sidelines for a while

2. What are your child’s sleep patterns like?

A. Sound, medium-length

B. Long, typically heavy

C. Light, easily interrupted

D. Light, long

3. What is usually your child’s excuse for not doing their chores?

A. They want to talk to you first

B. They don't know where to start

C. There's nothing to clean; everything is organized

D. They will clean if you start cleaning

4. Your child’s teacher tells you that he/she loves having your child in their class. Why?

A. They learn quickly and try to teach the other children what they know

B. They are creative and cheerful

C. They never give up

D. They are attentive in class and try to please the teachers

5. Which best describes your child’s learning style?

A. Quick to learn, but forgets easily

B. Takes time to learn but always gets through it

C. Intense study, focuses on one thing

D. Dedicated and passionate

6. Other people usually remark on your child’s __________________.

A. Leadership skills

B. Energy and enthusiasm

C. Attention to detail

D. Thoughtfulness

7. What does your child do when he/she has a big project due tomorrow

A. They refuse to do the project because it is boring

B. They've spent the whole day with their friends that they haven't started on it yet

C. They've already completed the project

D. They spend the whole night perfecting the project

8. What is your child’s mood usually like?

A. Changes frequently, but slowly

B. Up and down; can change incredibly quickly

C. Intense, changes slowly

D. Steady, rarely changes

9. What is your child’s most prominent personality trait?

A. Confident

B. Optimistic

C. Persistent

D. Kind

10. When criticized, what does your child usually do?

A. React emotionally

B. Get confused and maybe upset

C. Be quiet and deep in thought

D. Try to understand

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