What Kind Of Husband Are You Quiz?

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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 9101
 What Kind Of Husband Are You Quiz?

These days, husbands are not necessarily the sole providers for their family and women are a lot more than housewives. The roles of both men and women in a marriage have changed and today’s husbands are very different from what we would have seen decades ago. Furthermore, every man’s unique qualities make him the kind of husband he becomes. Take this quiz to find out what type of husband you are!

Questions Excerpt

1. What were you thinking about on your wedding day?

A. The cost

B. How perfect everything was

C. How beautiful your wife is looking

D. How good you both looked together

2. What would you do if you notice your wife has put on a little weight?

A. Start cooking healthy dinners

B. Won’t really notice

C. Let her know that she looks hotter now

D. I won’t mind but would suggest we start going to the gym together

3. What would you do if your wife tells you she is having a baby?

A. Think about the future responsibilities

B. Go out and party

C. Tease her more

D. Sit back and hope for the best

4. You discover your wife has reached the maximum limit on your credit card. What would you do?

A. I will start working overtime to pay them off

B. Won’t mind it because money will come back

C. Pay them off without a word to her

D. Cut the other expenses

5. How do you both spend the Saturday night?

A. Would take up some extra office work

B. Would party hard

C. Make love to my wife

D. Movie and pizza date with my wife

6. Do you have secrets from you wife?

A. One or two, but nothing serious – I just don’t want to hurt her

B. I don’t call them secrets – she simply doesn’t need to know everything

C. Yes, the fact I am flirting with other women

D. No, it's not right to keep secrets from your wife

7. What do you think is your main role as a husband?

A. To make sure my wife and children have everything they need

B. To find my own happiness

C. To enjoy life

D. To show my wife I love her every day

8. What do you use your savings for?

A. To make sure my family is safe

B. To pay for my hobbies

C. To go out with friends and have a great time

D. To gift my wife

9. How do you end an argument with your wife?

A. I stop thinking about it and get back to work

B. I leave home or do something I enjoy, alone

C. I send text messages to a female friend complaining about what has just happened

D. I hug my wife and cajole her

10. What is the level of excitement in your marriage?

A. Medium, and we're fine with it

B. High, and we also find excitement separately

C. Quite low and I find excitement in other places

D. Very high

11. What does a perfect day look like to you?

A. I spend time at home and relax

B. I go fishing alone and meditate

C. I meet new people and talk to beautiful women

D. I spend the entire day with my wife and in the evening have a romantic dinner together

12. What is your wife for you?

A. A life partner

B. Someone to go home to for comfort

C. Someone that used to attract me, but we've grown apart

D. The love of my life

13. You have a problem bugging you. Who do you tell it to?

A. To my wife, of course

B. To my best friend

C. To another woman

D. To a close friend because I don't what to make my wife upset

14. How is your communication with your wife?

A. Effective and calm

B. We are open minded and say everything we think

C. Not exactly sincere

D. Very intimate and close

15. Do you expect your wife to be obedient?

A. No, but I need her to collaborate

B. No, every person should be free

C. It's easier if she is

D. No, I respect her wishes

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