What Female Body Type Am I Attracted To?

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What Female Body Type Am I Attracted To?
Every woman is beautiful in her way. Female bodies come in different shapes and sizes, which is part of what makes each woman unique. There is nothing as attractive as a woman who feels comfortable in her skin and owns who she is! Whether short, fat, willowy, curvy, slim, or tall, everyone has their preferences on the type of physique they are drawn to in a woman. In short, everyone has a type!rnDo you know the kind of female body type you are attracted to? If you are eager to know, take this, what female body type I am attracted to quiz now!

Questions Excerpt

1. When you meet a woman the first time, what part of her body are you instantly drawn to?

A. Legs

B. Bust

C. Hips

2. You are asked to date any celebrity for a whole week. Who are you picking?

A. Beyonce

B. Cameron Diaz

C. Naomi Campbell

3. Your ideal woman asks you to help her choose an outfit for a date at a restaurant. What does she wear?

A. A form fitting dress which hugs her curves at all the right places

B. A jumpsuit which accentuates her waist

C. A long dress showing a decent amount of cleavage and slit to display her beautiful legs

4. Aside from confidence, you can hardly resist a woman who wears…………………

A. High heeled shoes and rocks them

B. Low flat shoes with an air of confidence

C. Low or high. I wear what  I want to depending on its comfort

5. Are big boobs important to you?

A. Ermm, I like everything in moderation

B. Naaaa, boobs are not my thing

C. Yessss!!! The bigger , the better

6. What female clothes do you like most?

A. Tight fitting jeans

B. Mini dress

C. A maxi dress

7. You surprise your ideal woman with a shopping spree. What is her reaction?

A. She groans and complains about how she hates shopping and how the things are not going to fit

B. She is super excited because literally everything she picks off the rack is going to fit her perfectly

C. She avoids dresses completely and goes for the two-piece items

8. Let’s talk about the glutes (hips and butt). Your ideal woman has

A. A bubble butt

B. A moderate sized butt

C. Ass or no ass , so far as she looks good, who cares?

9. You and your ideal woman are on an ice cream date. What type of jeans does she wear?

A. High waisted jeans

B. Boyfriend jeans

C. Wide-legged jeans

10. Which celebrity has the physique of your ideal woman?

A. Rihanna

B. Hilary Duff

C. Angelina Jolie

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