What Is My Type Of Guy Physically Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 4791 | Updated: Apr 08, 2022
 What Is My Type of Guy Physically Quiz?
As humans, we all have certain things about another person that we find physically attractive. It could be broad things such as the color of someone’s hair, or it could be very specific, like dark hair with light eyes and dimples. Whatever physically attracts you to a person is the initial draw you feel towards them because before you ever speak to them, you see them, and that is where it all starts. Have you often wondered what type of guy are you physically attracted to? Do you have certain features that are non-negotiable, or are you flexible when it comes to what you find attractive? It might be hard to determine because sometimes your preferences will change over time, and sometimes you don’t even realize those specific things that you like most in a guy. Can we guess what type of guys you are physically attracted to? If you are wondering, “What is my type of guy physically,” take the quiz now and see if we’re right!

Questions Excerpt

1. What type of relationship are you looking for typically?

A. Long-term that will hopefully lead to marriage

B. I don’t really want an exclusive relationship right now

C. I would like to find someone to exclusively date, but I don’t know if I am ready for marriage quite yet

D. I am not sure yet, I just go with the flow

2. What type of guys are most attracted to you, in your opinion?

A. Usually a man’s man

B. Bad boys

C. Playboys

D. The funny guy

3. What ended your last relationship?

A. We wanted different things

B. One of us wanted to settle down and the other one wasn’t ready

C. Someone was unfaithful

D. I don’t even remember, it’s been a long time

4. What would you say is your best physical feature?

A. My sense of style

B. My body

C. My body

D. My butt

5. What type of career is most attractive to you for your guy?

A. Manual labor/union job

B. High-end executive

C. Law enforcement/corrections

D. Model/actor

6. What is your Love Language®?

A. Physical touch

B. Acts of kindness

C. Receiving unexpected gifts

D. Quality time

7. Where are you most likely to meet guys?

A. Out with friends

B. At the gym

C. The grocery store

D. Online

8. What type of night would you prefer to have with your guy?

A. A quiet night at home cuddled up watching a movie

B. A night out on the town for dinner and drinks

C. Doing something active

D. Having some drinks with friends around a bonfire

9. What kind of car is most attractive to you?

A. A fast sports car

B. A classy luxury vehicle

C. A pickup truck

D. It doesn't matter to me

10. How would you describe your style?

A. Classy/reserved

B. Edgy

C. Comfortable

D. Sexy

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