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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 645 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
Should I Stop Dating Them Quiz
Dating may feel like an exciting adventure at first, only for the deep-felt commitment to take place afterward. But even during this initial stage of the relationship, you may feel like something is not right and ask yourself, “Should I stop dating them?”. You may notice several red flags in the other person’s behavior that might confuse you. Or your intense feelings might be scaring you. You may want to wait it out or feel like walking away because of your uncertainty. But if you are looking for additional guidance on whether you should stop dating your person, take the following quiz.

Questions Excerpt

1. Do they make the effort to see you?

A. Yes, they look for me and always take my availability into account

B. They seem very busy, yet they try to make time for me.

C. I am the one who initiates plans, and they often have an excuse not to spend time together.

2. How do they communicate?

A. At times they do not text me often, yet when we start to talk we cannot stop.

B. Off and on, they text me after long periods of time and disappear until the next time.

C. They text me often, and we often have long conversations during the day.

3. Where do you usually meet?

A. At home or some less known places mostly, as they do not want people to know about us.

B. We meet in public and at home, and they always take me to new places and sights.

C. We meet wherever we can, yet it still feels nice when we are together.

4. Do you know each other’s friends?

A. Not just yet, but they want to introduce me to their friends and meet my folks too.

B. No, they do not want me to meet their friends yet, and seem to show little interest in mine.

C. Yes, and we have a great time when we are all together.

5. Do they seem to ignore some core parts of your personality?

A. No, they are accepting of everything they know about me so far.

B. No, yet they do tell me if they dislike something I do.

C. Yes, they appear to deny things such as my social background, religion, views, hobbies, race, etc.

6. Do they accept you for who you are?

A. Yes, they respect me with all my flaws and quirks.

B. Yes, yet they honestly tell me if something I do does not feel right to them.

C. No, they seem to only want a perfect version of myself and make me prove that I am worthy of them.

7. Do you sometimes feel like they don’t listen to you?

A. No, I can feel that they care about me and are genuinely interested in what I have to say.

B. Sometimes, but each time I notice them not listening, they apologise.

C. Yes, I feel like most of the time they like the attention, and do not care about what goes on in my life.

8. Do you think they may not be over their ex?

A. Yes, they mention her quite often or react strangely whenever I mention the past.

B. I am not quite sure yet, they say that they will tell me the whole story soon.

C. No, they seem calm and put together when they talk about the past. 

9. Do you notice some major red flags, and yet make excuses for their behaviors?

A. No, I don’t think so

B. Maybe, I am not sure

C. Yes, constantly

10. How do they make you feel?

A. I am calm and yet can feel the spark between us.

B. Most of the time, I am sad, frustrated, angry, or ashamed around them.

C. Happy and satisfied; I can easily be myself around them.

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