Why Does Nobody Love Me Quiz?

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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 728 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
 Why Does Nobody Love Me Quiz?
Sometimes, as humans, we feel so much emptiness and gloom in our lives and wonder what is making us feel this way. Everything may suddenly feel odd, and it may seem that everyone is trying to avoid you. rnOf course, this could be a figment of our imagination due to our negative thoughts and insecurities. But it may even be true that our behavior makes the people around us uncomfortable. Thus, they may try to avoid you, pass negative statements, or be hostile towards you. rnAt times like these, you may begin to question yourself and ask, “Why Does Nobody Love Me?” Do you feel this way? This quiz is here to provide answers to your questions.

Questions Excerpt

1. How often do you attend social gatherings?

A. I don’t attend low grade functions

B. I try my best but I usually don’t have time

C. Not frequently

2. Do your friends hangout with you?

A. No, they think I’m mean

B. Yes, but I always disappoint them

C. Yes, sometimes, they think I’m too busy

3. Do strangers ask you for things in public?

A. I don’t talk to strangers

B. Yes, I answer them

C. No one approaches me in public

4. When you enter a bar and see a group of people seated with some empty chairs left, what will you do?

A. Pass by them and sit somewhere else

B. Say hello to them and join them

C. Say hello and sit somewhere else

5. What is people’s perception of you?

A. Too high and mighty

B. Hardworking

C. Unfriendly

6. Do you like animals?

A. I hate animals

B. Yes, I do

C. Just dogs

7. When someone asks for help, what do you do?

A. I usually turn them away

B. I help when I can

C. People don’t usually ask for help

8. Do people compliment you often?

A. Well, about my fashion sense

B. They call me busy and hardworking

C. No, no one compliments me

9. Are you kind to the poor?

A. I don’t associate with the poor

B. Yes, I try

C. I’m not the cause of their woes

10. How long do your romantic relationships last?

A. They are always short lived

B. I try but I never have enough time

C. I don’t have many romantic relationships

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