Quiz: Are You With The Man You Should Marry?

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Quiz: Are You With The Man You Should Marry?
Marriage is no bed of roses, that’s for sure. Living with someone for the rest of your life, facing all kinds of difficulties, and remaining supportive even when your partner is having a bad time – all these can be hard to swallow. Unfortunately, many married people feel at some point they have chosen the wrong person. It can be a moment’s impression or it can be the truth. If you want to avoid that bitter moment when you realize “I shouldn’t have married this man!” take this quiz and find out now if he is the right person!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you know where you want to be in 5 years’ time?

A. Yes, we even know how we want to name our children

B. Generally yes

C. Not really and we don't agree on some matters

D. We have never talked about future plans

2. Does he mind if you leave dirty dishes in the kitchen sink?

A. No, he understands I must have hurried and forgot to clean

B. No, but he admits he doesn't like it

C. Yes, he grunts and complains

D. Yes, he starts a fight

3. How do you feel when you are away for a few days?

A. I miss him very much

B. I miss him but I can still concentrate on other things

C. I feel fine

D. I feel liberated

4. You are invited to a wedding. Do you take your boyfriend with you?

A. Absolutely! I even choose a new suit for him

B. Probably yes

C. I am not sure

D. No, and I hide the invitation

5. What is his reaction when you give him good news, like a promotion at work?

A. Says "Way to go!"

B. Texts back "Cool, nice."

C. Posts it on Facebook and tells everybody how proud he is

D. Congratulates me warmly and makes me a surprise

6. You’ve had a bad day and all you want is to stay in bed and cry. Does he notice?

A. Yes, he knows it before I even say anything

B. He gives up on questioning if I say I am fine

C. I don't know, but he probably doesn't care

D. I take care he does not see my ugly cry face

7. What do you do with him when your mom comes to visit?

A. Ask him if he wants to go out together all three

B. Introduce him to my mother, of course

C. Tell him to come back when my mom leaves

D. Hide him and not even let my mother know about him

8. You are frustrated and need to vent for a bit – what does he do?

A. He gets it and lets me blow off some steam

B. He doesn't like the situation, but doesn't say anything

C. He tells me my issue is not such a big deal

D. He starts to fight with me

9. Is he willing to help you with menial tasks?

A. Yes, with him even laundry day feels like a date

B. Most times

C. Rarely

D. Never

10. Does he look out for your best interest at all times?

A. Yes, he does

B. Yes, most of the time

C. Yes, sometimes

D. Not really

11. Has he shared his emotional shortcomings with you?

A. Yes, he has

B. Yes, at times

C. In rare moments

D. Not really

12. Is he open to constructive criticism?

A. Yes, he is

B. Yes, only it is for the better

C. Sometimes

D. No, he gets defensive

13. Can he sense when you are not feeling okay?

A. Yes, he does

B. Yes, most of the time

C. Yes, sometimes

D. Not really

14. Has he made sacrifices for the betterment of the relationship?

A. Yes, he has

B. Yes, at times

C. In rare moments

D. Not really

15. You get an excellent job in a new city. What does he do?

A. Looks for apartments that are big enough for both of us

B. Is stunned and doesn't know what to do

C. Tells me he needs time to make a decision

D. Decides we have to break up

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