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15 Questions | Total Attempts: 825 | Updated: Dec 14, 2022
 Do You Know About Marriage Separation and Divorce Laws Quiz

Laws are often difficult to understand, especially the ones related to marriage separation and divorce. These laws will have an impact on your finances, the terms of your divorce, custody of your children et cetera, However, it is important to have an awareness about these laws as they can help you prepare for what you are going to need if you choose to separate from your spouse. 

So, how strong is your knowledge of marriage separation and divorce from the legal point of view? Take this quiz to find out if you are in the know!

Questions Excerpt

1. What does family law deal with?

A. Family and marriage

B. Children custody

C. Home purchases

D. Buying a car

2. What does it mean to be someone’s “spouse”?

A. To be married to someone

B. To be married to someone and live with them

C. To be cohabiting with someone

D. To be in a relationship with someone

3. Can you end a marriage once you are legally married to someone?

A. Yes

B. Probably

C. It depends on circumstances

D. Never

4. What is a legal proof of marriage?

A. The marriage certificate

B. Cohabiting

C. Wearing wedding rings

D. Knowing stuff about your spouse

5. Do you need your spouse’s approval to apply for a divorce?

A. No

B. Sometimes

C. It depends on the circumstances

D. Yes

6. What is divorce?

A. Legally ending a marriage

B. Separating from your spouse

C. Disagreeing with your spouse

D. Breaking wedding vows

7. For how many years do you need to be involved in a marriage-like relationship to be called a spouse?

A. Two years or more

B. Three years

C. One year

D. Ten years

8. Which of the following is ground for divorce?

A. Domestic violence

B. Having different opinions

C. Arguing with parents-in-law

D. Watching too much TV

9. What is marriage annulment?

A. Declaring the marriage null and void

B. Living separately

C. Having a divorce

D. Getting married

10. Which of the following is a factor of simple divorce?

A. Absence of children

B. Incompatibility

C. Adultery

D. Abuse

11. What is “physical custody of the child” during a divorce?

A. It refers to who the child stays with and who takes care of the child on a daily basis

B. It refers to who get to take the child home

C. It refers to something related to a child’s custody during a divorce

D. I'm not sure

12. Do terms like maintenance, alimony and spousal support refer to the same thing?

A. Yes, they effectively refer to the same thing

B. Yes, I think so

C. No, there might be differences between these

D. No, I haven’t heard some of these terms

13. What is rehabilitative support, within the context of spousal support?

A. The alimony the court orders one spouse to pay the other, to help them adjust to the change

B. It is money paid to someone to rebuild themself

C. It is a form of spousal support

D. I haven’t heard this term before

14. Who gets the family home during a divorce?

A. It would depend on mutual agreement or the terms of any prenuptial agreement, origin of the property and state laws

B. It would depend on the state laws

C. It would depend on who owns it

D. I'm not sure

15. What is a “no-fault divorce?”

A. A divorce in which neither spouse legally cites the other person’s actions as the reason for the breakdown of the marriage

B. A divorce in which there is no one who is responsible for the divorce

C. A divorce in which you don’t blame your partner for the divorce

D. I'm not sure

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