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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 60
Is Your Marriage Financially Sound?
A marriage is a bond of two people. A bond of their feelings, love, emotions, but also their finances. A marriage means better financial strength, or at least it's supposed to mean that, if you handle marriage finances right. To know if your marriage is financially sound, take this quiz and find out:

Questions Excerpt

1. If you do, do you have to ask your partner about it?

A. Of course.

B. Only if I loan to someone I don't trust too much.

C. Not unless I don't have enough to cover the loan.

D. Never.

2. Have you ever borrowed money?

A. I don't need more money than what I have, I never borrow.

B. Just once or twice in my life.

C. I do that often, yes.

D. Sure, how else do you expect to live a good life?

3. Do you give loans to friends?

A. Only to the family.

B. Only to some friends and family.

C. Yes, if I have the money to loan.

D. Of course, always.

4. Do you and your partner have a joint bank account?

A. Yes, of course.

B. No, but we know each other's pins.

C. Yes, but we don't use it.

D. No, we don't need one.

5. Who pays the bills at home?

A. We pay everything together.

B. One of us that has more money.

C. It's always a problem who should pay for what.

D. Not me.

6. How often do you spend more than you can afford?

A. Never.

B. Just once or twice.

C. Sometimes.

D. Always. You only live once.

7. Do you have a financial plan for the future as a couple?

A. Of course, we discussed that long time ago.

B. Something like that.

C. Not really, but we understand each other.

D. No, who cares about that.

8. Do you sometimes hide how much you earned or spent?

A. I've never done that.

B. Just once. Maybe twice.

C. A couple of times.

D. Yeah, my money is my problem.

9. Do you save for rainy days together?

A. Yes, we do.

B. Just a little.

C. Not really, it's more important to live a good life now.

D. Why? Rainy days are just a myth.

10. How much money do you save each month?

A. As much as we can.

B. A little, but enough.

C. We don't save.

D. We're always in debt.

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