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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 550
Crush Compatibility Quiz
How compatible are you with your crush? Do you secretly wish you knew if you both would make a good couple or the fireworks you are feeling are nothing but a fatal attraction?  Are you confused if you should take the next step or wait for someone compatible? Luckily, this crush compatibility quiz will give you just a little bit more clarity. Answer these questions honestly, and you will have your answer in no time. Let’s dive in!

Questions Excerpt

1. How do you know your crush?

A. Through work, we are co-workers

B. Through social media

C. Through something else

2. Are you ever jealous of anybody if your crush pays more attention to them than you?

A.  Yes

B. No, not at all

C. I don’t recall

3. How often do you talk to your crush?

A. Rarely 

B. I don’t have their number

C. Often 

4. Think about your favorite food. Would they like this dish too?

A. My favorite dish is already loved by everyone. Of course, they love it 

B. I don’t have any clue 

C. They may not like it but they will 

5. Do you feel comfortable being yourself around your crush?

A. We both feel like friends and get along well

B. I’m not sure

C. Not really

6. Do most of your friends like your crush?

A. Of course!

B. It doesn't matter they do like

C. Shh! They don't know them

7. Does your crush like you back?

A. Yeah!

B. No. Maybe will be someday

C. Of course they do like, they just don't know yet

8. Plan your perfect first date to get a second one with your crush!

A. Karaoke night

B. Outdoor movie

C. A great concert

9. Do you and your crush have the same life goal?

A. Yes! u0130t's so amazing

B. In Sims? Yes

C. I don’t know their life goal

10. Have you ever had a dream with them in it?

A. I can't remember my dreams when I woke up

B. Yes

C. None

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