Who Do I Have a Crush on Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 521
Who Do I Have a Crush on Quiz
People steal away our hearts sometimes. Everyone has crushes- it’s unavoidable and completely out of our hands. Do you have a crush on someone? If the answer is yes, take this quick quiz- we’re sure we can guess who you have a crush on!

Questions Excerpt

1. Are you more of a morning person or a night person?

A. Morning for sure!

B. I’m a night owl

C. I don’t have a preference

2. What’s an ideal gift?

A. Something cheesy and cute, like flowers

B. Something personal and sentimental

C. Something expensive that shows they really care

3. What do you look for in your partner?

A. Kindness

B. Spontaneity

C. Stability

4. What’s your ideal first date?

A. A movie

B. Something adventurous

C. A fancy dinner

5. What’s your favorite aesthetic?

A. Soft and pastel

B. Artsy

C. Grunge

6. Who’s your favorite Disney princess?

A. Snow White

B. Jasmine

C. Rapunzel

7. What’s the most important thing in the world?

A. Happiness

B. Individuality

C. Fame and money

8. What’s your favorite color?

A. Pink or white

B. Blue or purple

C. Red or black

9. What kind of music do you like listening to?

A. Love songs

B. Classical music

C. Anything that has good beats or lyrics

10. What does your weekend usually look like?

A. At home, cozy and comfortable

B. Spending time on hobbies or doing something fun

C. Partying!

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