Quiz: Is My Boyfriend Still Interested in Me?

15 Questions | Total Attempts: 929
Quiz: Is My Boyfriend Still Interested in Me?

Love can fade.  Sometimes it’s hard to keep the flame alive, and relationships can wear away.  Are you just phasing out of the honeymoon phase, or is he really losing interest?  No matter the results, think about how you feel and talk honestly with him.  The most important part of any relationship is communication

Take this Is My Boyfriend Still Interested in Me Quiz to find out.

Questions Excerpt

1. Does he tell you how he feels about you?

A. Sometimes, he says a bit

B. When he thinks I am being annoying he tells me

C. He says he loves me every day at least once

2. Is he hanging out with other people more than you?

A. He is constantly breaking our plans to hang out with others

B. We hang out all the time, I mean we hang with other people too, but we spend lots of time together

C. We spend time together, sometimes I try to make plans, and he says he’s busy, he’s broken our plans very occasionally

3. Does he still plan for your future together?

A. Yes, we talk about things far into the future

B. We talk about some things like two or three months in advance

C. He barely will mention doing things next week

4. Do you ever go on dates?

A. Yes, he plans such romantic nights

B. Do people do that?

C. We spend time together just the two of us, but dates? Just for special occasions

5. Is he honest with you?

A. He mostly is, not overly honest

B. He’s very honest, even when it’s not what I want to hear, but he’s caring

C. Truthfully…he lies a fair amount and he doesn’t seem to care to be honest even when I’m seeking advice

6. Does he listen to you when you talk?

A. He’s always on his phone whenever I try to speak to him

B. Yes, he gives me his full attention

C. Sometimes he listens, but he can be pretty distractible

7. When you need something, is he there for you?

A. He’s ready to go sometimes before I even know I need him

B. He barely even picks up the phone

C. If I ask him for something he usually helps, sometimes reluctantly

8. Are you fighting? And making up from those fights?

A. We never fight

B. We fight, but we know how to make-up from them too and become stronger than ever

C. We constantly fight and never really solve anything

9. How long have you been dating?

A. 2 or 3 months

B. 6 months or more

C. 1+ years

10. Have you noticed him flirting with other people?

A. Yes, at times

B. I have got mixed signals

C. Never

11. Who initiates the conversations these days?

A. I do most of the time

B. Either of us

C. He does

12. How often does he compliment you?

A. He hardly does

B. Sometimes

C. Almost every time we meet

13. Does he hide the relationship?

A. Yes, he says people will be jealous

B. From some of his close friends

C. Not at all

14. Do you talk as much as you used to?

A. Yes, actually, we’ve been talking even more

B. No, we barely speak anymore

C. I think it’s about the same, maybe a little less

15. What’s your sex life like?

A. Non-existent

B. The same as usual

C. It is HOT! I am jealous of us

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