Is My Boyfriend Selfish Quiz

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Is My Boyfriend Selfish Quiz
We are able to hide behind many personalities that we may not like for others to see. In the midst of all the hiding, we find it hard to see the real character of another person. Undoubtedly, no one can be selfless, but extreme self-absorption may harm a relationship. A selfish boyfriend will be selfish in bed also. He will talk about their success and ask you to change things about yourself. They will put you down whenever they get insecure. It is “me” over “we” for him. Take this' Is my boyfriend selfish’ quiz to be able to see through your boyfriend and know if he is selfish.

Questions Excerpt

1. Has he ever asked for nudes?

A. Yes, persistently

B. No, he hasn’t

C. Yes, once, but I refused

D. Sometimes, even after I refused

2. How does he express himself in bed?

A. He skips the foreplay

B. He has specific oral needs in bed

C. He waits for my orgasm

D. He is fun but lacks respect for my orgasm

3. How do you feel when you have sex with them?

A. I wish they were a little tender

B. I feel that he feels victorious everytime we have sex

C. I feel euphoric and refreshed

D. Somewhere in the middle

4. Do you spend time after sex?

A. Yes, we do

B. Sometimes, if he has no prior engagements

C. He does not even cuddle

D. Only if I ask

5. Does he talk about his crushes?

A. Yes, he does, but so do I

B. Not really, he talks about his exes though

C. He is quite secretive

D. Yes, but I feel uncomfortable

6. Do you like watching movies or series together?

A. Movies, sometimes, but no series yet

B. Sometimes, but it is usually followed by sex

C. No, not yet

D. Yes, it is not always about sex

7. How are your dates usually like?

A. Eat, sex, leave, repeat

B. Dinner, chat, sex, cuddle and the morning after

C. He follows a pattern but stays if I ask

D. He is only fun in bed

8. Has he asked you to go down on him?

A. Yes, very specifically

B. No, they haven’t asked

C. No, but they talk about it

D. Yes, they don’t like it otherwise

9. Do you enjoy talking to him?

A. Yes, love it

B. We don’t talk

C. Yes, he is a sweet talker

D. Sometimes, not always

10. Do you see him in your future?

A. Frankly, I don’t

B. Yes, sometimes

C. He seems so caught up

D. Not really

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