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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 96
Do I Have a Selfish Girlfriend Quiz
Do you feel like you are always giving and your girlfriend is always taking, with no reciprocation? Does your relationship seem to revolve around your girlfriend and her wants/needs? Do you have a selfish girlfriend? Any time a person puts their needs and desires above the needs and desires of others and doesn’t care who they might hurt along the way is being selfish. Take this quiz to find out if your girlfriend is selfish or you are getting it wrong.

Questions Excerpt

1. What would your girlfriend most likely say regarding sharing financial responsibility for things if she noticed a late bill notice you got in the mail?

A. Nothing, she would never bring that up or offer to help

B. She wouldn’t bring it up, but if I brought it up, I don’t think she would have an issue helping out

C. She would tell me I have a late bill and that I need to pay it

D. She would offer to help pay for it

2. Are plans with her friends more important than making plans with you?

A. Yes, always

B. Rarely

C. Sometimes

D. No

3. Does she value your time by being dependable and on time for things?

A. No, she always shows up late or cancels plans

B. Sometimes

C. usually, I pick her up wherever we go, so she’s always on time and dependable

D. Yes, she shows up on time and is dependable for the most part

4. What would be most likely the reason that your girlfriend would cancel plans with you?

A. Her hair didn’t come out the way she wanted it to, or she has nothing to wear

B. She forgot about the plans

C. She would rather do something else

D. She had a family emergency

5. How would you best describe your relationship?

A. I give, give, give, and all she does is take, take, take

B. I always remember important things, and she easily forgets things that are important to me

C. She always gets her way

D. I think we both try to make each other happy

6. What happens on holidays or birthdays when it comes to giving gifts?

A. I always go out of my way to get her something special, and she always has a million excuses for why she forgot or didn’t get anything

B. We usually exchange gifts, although I feel like I put more thought into my gifts than she does

C. I always spoil her with gifts, and she will just give me a card or gift card

D. Our gifts are usually pretty similar to each other; I think we both put a lot of thought into it

7. Do you feel like she appreciates the gifts you get her?

A. She always expects more. Higher price tag, fancier restaurant, etc.

B. She does, but sometimes she makes comments that make me think she is ungrateful

C. She tells me exactly what she wants and expects to get it; if she doesn’t, then she doesn’t really appreciate it

D. I think she does appreciate my gifts

8. Do you feel like you are always the one who is calling and texting first?

A. Yes, definitely

B. Sometimes

C. Most of the time

D. I think it is an even balance

9. Do you feel like you are always there for her when she needs you, and she does not provide the same support to you?

A. Yes, definitely

B. Rarely

C. Sometimes

D. No, she is always there for me

10. Does everything else in her life seem to be a priority over you?

A. Yes, always

B. Rarely

C. Sometimes

D. No

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