How Will My Life Partner Look Like Quiz

10 Questions | Total Attempts: 5038
How Will My Life Partner Look Like Quiz
How will my life partner look like? Does this thought often bug you? Many people wonder who their true soulmate will be. While you won’t know for sure until the time comes, this quiz can give you an idea of who your life partner may be.

Questions Excerpt

1. What type of career do you want them to have?

A. Lawyer

B. Video Game Designer

C. Nurse

2. What is your dream vacation?

A. Paris

B. Fiji

C. Florida

3. What are you looking for in a partner?

A. Intelligence

B. Humor

C. Compassion

4. What is your ideal first date?

A. A candlelight dinner

B. A trip to the amusement park

C. A picnic at the park

5. What is your favorite animal?

A. Cat

B. Llama

C. Dog

6. Where is your favorite go-to place?

A. The library

B. The beach

C. At home

7. What’s your favorite drink?

A. Wine

B. Margarita

C. Long Island Tea

8. Do you want kids?

A. Maybe

B. Yes, but not right now

C. Yes, lots of them!

9. What type of person would you like to marry?

A. Someone who is very put-together and well-spoken

B. Someone who likes to live on the edge

C. Someone who is loving and caring

10. What’s your favorite genre?

A. R&B

B. Electronic

C. Pop

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