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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 29 | Updated: Jan 17, 2024
How Vulnerable Are You Quiz

Welcome to the 'How Vulnerable Are You Quiz'! Vulnerability is a key aspect of deep, meaningful connections, but how open are you really? This quiz is designed to help you understand your comfort level with vulnerability in various aspects of life. Remember, being vulnerable is a strength, not a weakness. Let's explore your vulnerability in a safe, reflective way.

Questions Excerpt

1. When someone asks how you're feeling, you usually...

A. Share my true feelings openly.

B. Give a general response, but keep details to myself.

C. Say I'm fine, regardless of how I feel.

2. In a close relationship, how often do you express your insecurities?

A. Regularly, I'm open about them.

B. Sometimes, if I feel it's safe.

C. Rarely or never, I keep them to myself.

3. How do you react to constructive criticism?

A. I welcome it and reflect on it openly.

B. I consider it, but it takes me time to open up about my feelings.

C. I often get defensive or dismiss it.

4. When facing personal challenges, do you...

A. Seek support and share my struggles with others.

B. Talk to a select few but mostly handle it myself.

C. Keep it to myself and try to solve it alone.

5. How do you approach new relationships?

A. With openness and willingness to share my true self.

B. Cautiously, revealing more over time.

C. Guardedly, keeping my personal life private.

6. When feeling emotional pain, you...

A. Express it and seek understanding from others.

B. Share with some close to me, but not everyone.

C. Hide it and pretend everything is okay.

7. How do you handle feelings of love or affection?

A. I express them openly and freely.

B. I show them, but it takes time for me to fully open up.

C. I find it hard to express these feelings.

8. In a group setting, if you disagree with something, you...

A. Speak up and share my differing opinions.

B. Might share my view, depending on the group.

C. Usually keep my thoughts to myself.

9. When experiencing success or happiness, do you...

A. Share it openly and celebrate with others.

B. Enjoy it, but don't always share my feelings outwardly.

C. Often downplay or keep it to myself.

10. How do you respond to personal questions from acquaintances?

A. I'm comfortable sharing personal details.

B. I share some things but keep others private.

C. I avoid sharing personal information.

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