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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 169 | Updated: Jun 28, 2022
How to Know if You Don't Love Someone Anymore Quiz

Here is the how to know if you don't love someone anymore quiz. For a moment, consider the wonderful world of relationships. Love is an uphill battle that appears to have flaws at its core. 

However, happiness, memories, and feelings that cannot be expressed in words surround that core. Many people are fortunate enough to have true love, but others are unfortunate to fall out of love.

How to know if you don't love someone anymore? The majority of the time, this is a snowball effect that builds momentum over time. 

In other words, a person does not simply wake up one day and realize they are no longer in love -for the most part-. These emotions emerge naturally over time. With this How to Know if You Don't Love Someone Anymore Quiz, we'll help you find the answer!

Questions Excerpt

1. Let’s start with this question, how do you feel when you see your partner in person?

A. Kind of annoyed

B. Stressed out

C. Overjoyed

2. Have you ever considered cheating on your partner?

A. Thought it once or twice

B. Yes, at all time

C. Absolutely not

3. How did you first meet this person?

A. Unexpected good fortune

B. Date on the blind

C. Through a friend

4. What are your usual squabbles about?

A. Because they do stupid things, they are always in the spotlight

B. They always seem to blame me for problems

C. Everything

5. What would you change about your relationship if you could?

A. I wish I had more space

B. To be honest, I wish we'd just split up

C. I wish we fought less

6. Have you ever seen your relationship issues with a therapist?

A. No way, no how

B. No, but I'd like to

C. Just once or twice

7. When you have good news, who is the first person you contact?

A. No one

B. My partner

C. My friends or parents

8. How do you behave in the presence of your partner's friends or family?

A. I just pretend to be a more mature version of myself

B. Like a wallflower, I'm quiet

C. Ugh, I don't hang out with them much

9. Would you date a celebrity instead of your current crush if you had the chance?

A. Not sound like a dream, so nope

B. Well…Can I choose any celebrity?

C. Most likely not

10. Lastly, how frequently do you two go on romantic dates?

A. Several times per week

B. Once a month or twice a month

C. I can't even recall our most recent date

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