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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 592 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
How Is Your Taste in Men?
You’re attracted to men but ponder specifically on what type of man you’re attracted to. Many find it challenging to attract the man of their dreams, often finding a guy who doesn’t align with personality. You could find the nerd while wanting the bad boy or the bad boy when you want the executive. Others lay out all the aspects they want in their desired man. Then they know exactly what they want. Have you been wondering or asking yourself, “how is your taste in men?” This quiz is the right quiz for you.

Questions Excerpt

1. What do you see when you picture your desired man in your mind?

A. A strong, fit, lean man who looks confident and protective stands tall.

B. A man who's on the rougher side wears more rugged attire and looks tough, like a “bad boy.”

C. A man who looks nerdy wears glasses and has a friendly approach.

D. A man who carries himself in a classy way wears nice clothes and looks like Prince Charming.

2. What ideal gift do you want from your desired man?

A. Classic flowers.

B. Ticket to a rock concert together.

C. A new novel to read.

D. A big bouquet of roses, a ring, and a romantic kiss.

3. What attitude does your desired man have?

A. Confident, sophisticated, and protects the ones around him.

B. A fun troublemaker and loves the thrill of life.

C. Takes a knowledgeable and nerdy approach to life.

D. Romantic in nature and always wants to cuddle.

4. What hobby does your desired man have? 

A. Loves to work out and keeps his muscles pumped. He always loves working.

B. Likes to break a few rules and finds excitement in adventure.

C. Reads many books and loves to watch his favorite films in order.

D. Likes to go on walks on the beach, romantic and alone places to visit.

5. What profession does your desired man have?

A. Businessman.

B. Rockstar.

C. Librarian.

D. Lover.

6. On a regular day with your desired man, where do you want him to take you? 

A. The gym to work out.

B. A concert or speeding down the highway.

C. The book store or a game store.

D. A fancy restaurant or a walk in the park at noon.

7. What does your desired man's bedroom look like? 

A. Mostly clean, organized, workout equipment visible. Motivational posters on the wall.

B. A little messy, jackets are everywhere, and boots may be out of place. His favorite rock musicians and records on the wall, visible guitar.

C. Very organized, a bookshelf stacked with his favorite novels.

D. Organized a bouquet on his nightstand, artwork of landscapes on his wall.

8. What does your desired man like to wear?

A. A simple outfit, classic shirt, and some pants to compliment; he often shows his muscles. Anything he feels like wearing.

B. A leather jacket, boots, some torn black jeans.

C. A shirt with his favorite franchise on it with some simple sweatpants.

D. Fancy and classy clothes, tailored and fit.

9. How is your desired man's love attitude? 

A. He makes you feel like you're the only person in the world. Confident, tender love.

B. He makes you feel like you're his partner in crime, his prized possession.

C. He makes you feel like you're his book buddy or his lover that listens to him when he talks about his favorite novel.

D. He makes you feel intensely loved, is very intimate, and deeply connects with you.

10. What is your desired man's overall personality?

A. A sophisticated and confident personality is strong and never gives up.

B. A cool and chill personality, with a little bit of rebel in him.

C. A more introverted but knowledgeable man; treats life as a classroom.

D. An emotionally connected man treats his friends and family as very special to him.

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