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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 60 | Updated: Mar 15, 2022
 Are You a Guy Magnet, Or a Guy Repellent?  Quiz
Men around the globe have different preferences for women. Still, there are some universal characteristics that all men find attractive, such as being skinny, beautiful, having a great personality, and feminine. If you're a woman and have all of these things, chances are guys will be very attracted to you. But have you been experienced, and are you sure you are a guy magnet? Answer these 10 quick questions to see if you are.

Questions Excerpt

1. What's your personality like?

A. Caring, sweet, gentle

B. Relaxed, kind, average

C. Irritated, bitter, closed off

2. What's your clothing style?

A. Feminine and classic

B. Average and basic

C. Androgynous or dull

3. What's your typical attitude?

A. A bright and positive attitude

B. A chill and relaxed attitude

C. A bothered and sour attitude

4. How is your average mood?

A. Happy

B. Neutral

C. Upset

5. How respectful are you?

A. Very respectful

B. Somewhat respectful

C. Not respectful

6. Are you thankful and show gratitude?

A. Of course

B. Occasionally

C. Not really

7. Do you have confidence?

A. Yes

B. Maybe

C. No

8. If you have confidence, does it show on the outside?

A. Yes

B. Maybe

C. No

9. Does dressing nice make a good impression?

A. Of course

B. It depends

C. No

10. Are you an overall kind individual?

A. Absolutely

B. Sometimes

C. No

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