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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 307 | Updated: Feb 24, 2022
 Are You a Ladies Man Quiz?
A ladies man is someone who enjoys the company of multiple women while flirting with them effortlessly. He has a charming aura surrounding him, and women may find him hard to resist. rnAre you a ladies man? Do women like your company? Are you gentle and romantic with women? Are women dying for your attention? Maybe, you're confused because you haven’t realized all these things about yourself. rnCome and take this fun quiz and find out if indeed, you’re a ladies’ man.

Questions Excerpt

1. Are women comfortable around you?

A. Yes, I'm gentle

B. I don't know

C. I guess so

2. Who initiates the first kiss in a relationship?

A. I do, gently

B. I expect the girl to 

C. I'm not sure

3. What’s your most vital dressing point?

A. My cologne

B. My blinks and smirks

C. My modest appearance

4. How would you treat your girlfriend when she’s crying?

A. Kiss her and ask what’s wrong

B. Just ask her to stop

C. I would try to figure out why she’s crying 

5. What’s your kissing style?

A. Soft french kiss

B. Rough and intense style

C. Just a peck is okay

6. Who would you rather be?

A. Ne-Yo

B. Justin Biber

C. Ed Sheeran

7. When you approach a girl, what do you talk about?

A. I try to introduce myself and get to know her

B. I talk about my achievements and material possessions

C. I try to keep it simple

8. Where would you take a girl on a first date?

A. A romantic candlelit dinner at the beach

B. The club

C. An excellent restaurant

9. What gift are you likely to give your girlfriend on her birthday?

A. Jewelry

B. Romance 

C. Flowers

10. What’s your most dominant feeling when you approach a girl?

A. Confidence

B. Pride

C. Nervousness

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