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10 Questions | Total Attempts: 472
How Intimidating Are You Quiz
People mostly won’t remember what you say or do but will never forget how you made them feel. What kind of energy do you give off to others? Joy, peace, or a heavy sense of intimidation? Do you get people talking about your vibe a lot that you question How Intimidating You Are? Take this ‘How intimidating are you’ quiz to find out!

Questions Excerpt

1. What’s your immediate reaction when someone (a stranger) smiles at you in public?

A. I cringe most of the time or wear a straight face

B. My reaction is mostly based on my mood

C. A wide grin

2. Someone cracks a “dry” joke in your presence. What do you do?

A. Stay indifferent

B. I let them know how bad of a joke

C. Fake a hysterical laugh

3. During a friendly debate, I will instead:

A. Impose my opinions and make sure I have my way

B. Give valid points. If I lose, so be it

C. Try to accommodate opinions and not sound overbearing

4. How do people act in your presence?

A. I feel they are a little uptight

B. A mix of freedom mixed with caution

C. Very loosen up

5. I am the kind of person who will:

A. Fight till my last blood for something that means so much to me

B. Will not move a muscle on irrelevant stuff

C. Try to make peace everywhere

6. How do people take your words?

A. Very seriously

B. With a pinch of salt

C. Sometimes, not very seriously

7. My best comeback at a tease will be:

A. Respond with a meaner tease

B. Match it perfectly

C. Make a joke out of it

8. Do you enjoy the fact that people are scared of you?

A. Yes, it makes me feel powerful

B. I mean, if you’re on my bad side, I will so like it

C. No, I want to be the candy person

9. How do you deal with irrelevant info?

A. Shut it out immediately

B. Treat it as irrelevant

C. Embrace it, there might be useful underlying info

10. How do you describe your sense of fashion?

A. Very sophisticated

B. On a normal

C. I am not going to lie, tacky at times

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